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How To One-Up Your Friend With Car Technology

How To One-Up Your Friend With Car Technology

There are some people in life who prefer not to drive, if there’s an option for someone else to be behind the wheel.  On the other hand, there are people who always want to be in the driver’s seat, but if you want to always be the driver without your friends arguing for the privilege, you should make your car as welcoming as possible. Here are a few things you can do to have the best car in your social group!

Get a Mount!

There are many reasons you need a mount for your phone in your car.  First and foremost, no one wants to get that ticket for using a cell phone while driving, whether that’s because you’re talking on the phone, answering a text, or checking your GPS.  Secondly, if your phone is not secured in one place, it can slide onto the floor on a sharp turn and retrieving it while the car is in motion is both difficult and dangerous.  A move like that is how you could end up taking an online defensive driving course.  It’s also best not to have too many loose items in your car.

In the event of a crash, those items will become airborne missiles, and that’s the last thing you want for your phone, the very expensive item you’ll need to use to call for help. If that breaks, you may have to read a road map.  Lastly, it makes you look more like a driver who’s serious about safety, which should be comforting to your passengers.  There many options, depending on your car’s setup and where you want your phone to be.  Choices include a dashboard mount, a mount you can clip to your air conditioning vents, or even a mount that will fit into your cupholder.

Get Multiple Charging Ports!

Obviously, as the driver, your phone needs to be charged more than the phones of your passengers, especially if you’re using your GPS or playing music from your phone.  After all, the very best reason to be the driver is that you get to pick the music.

But your passengers have phones with limited batteries too, and if you have room to charge their phones alongside your own, that’s even more reason they’ll want to be in your car.  You can find a charger with two ports just about anywhere, but if you’re willing to search, you can find ways to fit in charging ports for every person in your car plus maybe a tablet to let the passengers in the back watch their favorite TV shows.

My personal favorite had two USB ports and two extra places to plug in more car chargers.  If you used the double chargers in both those ports, you could charge six devices at once.  Even better, you could do one double charger, giving you four charging phones, and use the last port for the ultimate car technology…

Get Coffee!

Ten years ago, the world’s most amazing piece of car technology was invented.  Yet somehow, this incredible invention isn’t yet in every car, truck, motorhome, and boat.  Of course, I’m speaking of machines that allow us to make coffee or espresso from the comfort of our cars! There are several machines on the market that plug directly into a cigarette lighter or the 12-volt port in your car.

If you want to be the ruler of your carpool group, this is the way to go.  No one is going to want to go in any other car if your car comes with coffee, and your passengers would likely be willing to pitch in a bit extra toward gas.  After all, a dollar extra toward coffee is better than the small fortune they might pay if you stopped at a coffee shop.

With these upgrades, you can be the envy of your friends and be chosen as the driver every time!

John Paul
John Paul
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