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How To Measure My Dog For Choosing Bed

Dog beds come in a variety of styles. And a wide variety of dog beds is always better than a shortage.  Nevertheless, selecting the perfect bed can be a challenging effort. The most regular cause dog owner returns the bed for their loving pets is because of choosing the wrong dog bed size.

How To Measure My Dog For Choosing Bed

Some people consider that a little small dog bed is not a big deal. But having a wrong size bed can cause some problems to your dog’s health. These potential issues are including a) Sore muscles from being confined in a small area, b) Sore joints from not having enough support, c) Not enough sound sleep, and d) Back & hip issues.

So it is significant to make sure that you are buying the right size bed for your loving dog. This article goes to let you know how to measure the indestructible dog beds that has the right size.

Dog bed sizing:

Dog loves a bed where he can stretch out his arms comfortably. So you should buy a bed where he can stay comfortably. But how you can buy the right size dog bed? Do they have the same size? Of course not, you don’t find all the dogs in the same size. Different dogs have different size

The best way to choose the right size bed is to measure your dog before buying. Let’s see how to measure your dog to get the perfect dog bed..You can find the best dog beds online.

Ways to measure a dog for choosing bed:

When it comes to selecting a bed for dogs, you will find plenty of things that you need to consider. The most significant thing is to examine the size of the bed that is perfect for your dog. You should choose a dog bed that is strong and big enough to comply with the size & temperament of your dog. You will get the perfect size for your dog by taking some measurements.

  • First of all, make sure that your dog is in a standing condition. Now measure from the tip of nose to the base of the tail.
  • Then measure from the floor to the head or shoulders.
  • You should add 12” to the two measurements you have taken when you consider buying a mattress dog bed. Buy confirming this you will find the approximate length & width for a flat dog bed.
  • Also, you need to take the measurement when you find your dog in a sleeping position. You will find some dogs (younger) in curl up position due to their flexible bodies & spine. On the other hand, old dogs always tend to stretch out.
  • Measure your dog is curled up sleeping position for nest beds. To perform this, measure from the top of the head to the tail. Then add 7” to 9” to this measurement.

What should you do when in doubt?

Well, it is always wise to choose a larger size dog bed when you are in doubt about your dog size. Consider the dimensions & the weight listed to review that you are buying the right size. Also see the best dog cooling mat 2020 reviews by experts, a great alternative to the traditional dog bed. Because returns are costly & time-consuming.

Where to buy the dog bed?

Nowadays, you can easily buy the dog bed online. Also at pet stores, you can buy the dog beds as well. You will get plenty of guidelines online to choose the best beds for your loving dog. Some online store will offer you extra quizzes and FAQs to more help you with your choice.  With proper suggestion, the process is easy, smooth and will cost less than buying a dog bed from a pet store.


Always keep in mind that when you are buying a bed for the dog, you need to consider him & how you can promote him to use his bed.  You should not buy the bed that your dog does not like. You need to buy the bed where your dog can stretch out his arms comfortably.

 Also before buying you should consider the durability along with the size of your dog. According to the pet experts, buying the chew resistant dog beds is a wise decision by pet owners. Finally, hope you understand the entire process how to measure a dog for choosing the right size bed.


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