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How to Make Your YouTube Channel Grow: Amazing Tips

YouTube is a popular social media platform that is ideal for upcoming content creators. You can reach an enormous audience and earn from a very rewarding monetization program. A lot of people all over the world make use of YouTube every day. Many hours of video content are constantly streamed by people each minute. You might think that it’s late to start a YouTube channel, but there isn’t any better time to begin than now.

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Grow-Amazing Tips

We have listed the best tips for you to utilize to gain views and make users start subscribing to your channel. Wondering how to make your YouTube channel grow? Read on to find out!

Best Tips on How to Make Your YouTube Channel Grow

These are useful tips for you to utilize in growing your YouTube channel and attaining success on the platform. They include;

1. Use a Good Channel Name

You have to choose the right name for your channel. You can add your brand or personal name to it. You can also include any word categorizing it. Make it short and easily pronounceable. One can even utilize his first and last name.

A lot of the very prominent creators on YouTube utilize their names. Alternatively, you can make use of YouTube name generators online or AI (Artificial Intelligence) to pick a perfect name for your channel.

2. Choose a Good Niche

Picking a niche is easier when compared to picking one’s channel name. This is due to the fact that one can change one’s niche anytime. One might have a passion for a particular content niche but along the way, he may discover that it’s tougher than he can handle.

You’re free to change your niche after, though that’s risky because it may alienate the audience that you have built before. Therefore, take time to define the niche your channel will be based on because after a while you start earning money on YouTube in that niche. One can ask oneself personal questions to choose a niche.

3. Post Consistently

If you aim to become a serious creator, you must ensure consistency. This signifies that you should go ahead and set a consistent posting schedule. Then, stick to it. A lot of new creators usually decide to post one video a week.

However, when you are still getting started and have a full-time job together with other duties, you can post once in two weeks. Posting weekly may not really be easy for a new creator. But consistency is more important than frequency. When you stick to the proper schedule, you’ll move forward and won’t burn out.

4. Check Your Analytics

In order to improve your channel better, you have to start checking out your YouTube analytics once a month or more frequently. One can see his analytics in YouTube Studio’s left-side menu. The major metrics that will aid you in understanding the way your channel performs include the number of subscribers and top videos.

This helps one to give one’s viewers what they want. Then, you can check your channel’s watch time. If it isn’t moving upward each month, one has to replan his content strategy. Also, YouTube analytics will show his traffic sources so he can know the way viewers find him, even with keywords.

Then, you’re free to check your demographics and revenue statistics so you can know how much you have earned so far from YouTube. Read this Views4You blog post to learn your exact earnings. Plus, you can learn how much the platform pays per view and to use multiple revenue streams.

5. Include Links in Your Video Descriptions

You can utilize some part of your description for telling people about yourself, brand, then add links to your accounts on other platforms.

You can add affiliate links, video timestamps, other social profile links, website links, etc. Also, one should feel free to add a brief blurb about his brand and contact info.

6. Utilize Relevant Keywords

YouTube is one of the search engines online but it’s just for videos. Keywords aid YouTube’s algorithm in understanding what a video is based on and make that video appear in YouTube’s ‘suggested’ column. This signifies that by utilizing keywords in your videos’ titles and descriptions, there are better chances to reach more people.

However, do not go overboard. You can just use one keyword in the title and ensure the length. Research has shown that video titles having less than 10 words do so well in the search results of YouTube and are among the top-ranking videos.

Likewise, for these reasons, keywords are essential for descriptions. A channel’s keywords are like labels for the channel, and they will tell YouTube what one’s major topic is. One’s videos’ titles and descriptions are crucial for one’s YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

7. Use Playlists

YouTube playlists will aid you in ranking high in search results because YouTubers will most likely continue to watch the next video. This will increase one’s total views and watch time and make YouTube like him. One can even include the videos of other creators to his playlists and it’s an amazing idea to collaborate later.

However, firstly, you should create your own. Start grouping your videos according to topics and series. One can manage his playlists in YouTube Studio when he goes to Content -> Playlists or include new ones from his Create menu.

8. Publish Shorts

YouTube Shorts is essential to promote one’s channel especially for people still starting out. A study shows that Shorts gets about 30 billion views every day. These videos are less than 15 seconds, though you’re free to combine four 15 second clips into 60 second Short. The platform categorizes all videos below 60 seconds as Shorts.

9. Do Good Video Editing

One’s content is what’s hooking viewers, but proper video editing keeps and makes them return. Editing surely takes more time than filming one’s video but it is worth it. One can get inspiration from his favorite creators to decide his editing style and technique. Mastering the art of good editing isn’t easy but you will surely become better.

Also, if one has enough funds, he can look for an expert video editor immediately after starting his YouTube channel. However, for many creators, they cannot be able to hire an editor until they start earning money from their channels.

10. Utilize Timestamps

Videos’ timestamps, also called chapters, are links that allow people to skip around a video. When your video doesn’t have them, viewers might leave when they cannot locate what they are looking for with ease.

When you don’t use timestamps, it’s like when one publishes a blog post with no paragraph break. You’re free to include timestamps manually or YouTube will create them automatically. To include them manually, enter timestamps in the video description.

Note that you must list a minimum of 3 timestamps. Additionally, you’re free to edit past videos to add timestamps like this. After saving your description, you will see clickable timestamps.

11. Create Captivating Video Thumbnails

One’s thumbnail plays a huge role in hooking people. Viewers will decide within seconds if your video should be watched according to it. Creators can spend a lot of time creating a thumbnail.

Your thumbnail has to be very okay so that somebody does not have to read your title to be aware of what your video is based on. Some thumbnail designing tips include using icons and logos when applicable to one’s title. Also, make your text minimal and include creative elements.

12. Add Captions to Videos

When one closes captioning his videos, it will make them accessible to everybody. About 1 in 5 users have hearing impairments, and some percentage of the world’s population has deafness. Captions will make sure that one doesn’t exclude his potential audience.

One may bring his own transcripts or YouTube will caption your video in an automatic manner using speech recognition. When you’re still a new creator, using automatic captions from YouTube is ideal. You’re even free to edit YouTube’s captions in case they get a wrong word. Doing this editing is much quicker than writing captions from the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to make your YouTube channel grow is very important to achieve success. When I learnt these basic tips for growing my channel and remained consistent, I succeeded greatly on YouTube. I also stayed ahead of production by making my videos ready some weeks before they are to be published.

This will aid you in minimizing unforeseen circumstances like being sick and having a family emergency. Always remain honest in your videos and even invite people to like, subscribe, and comment on your videos to grow more. Fans love supporting their favorite creators’ work; therefore, let them be aware of how to.

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