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How to Make Your Website Successful in a Foreign Country

Do you want to expand your reach of your website and go abroad? Before you can enter the foreign market there are some aspects you need to consider. We will explain how to get more success with your website in other countries.

make your website successful in a foreign country

Translation of the website

At first it is important that your website is properly translated. And no, we do not recommend you do it yourself, unless you have excellent knowledge of the target language. Often this is not the case. Especially when you want to translate your website in several different languages. Mistranslated websites look unprofessional and messy. Native speakers will notice immediately that a website is translated by a machine which will create a bad image. We do recommend you get some help from a professional translation agency to perform a website translation. They know how to translate your website properly and correctly in order to get more success with your website. They have sufficient knowledge of the culture, language and customs in a country. This is needed to successfully bring your message across.

Make sure they can find your website

Apart from localising and adapting the website to the new target group you need to make sure they can find your website, for example in popular search engines. Therefore, it is important to apply search engine optimalisation (SEO). Some translation agency can also help to apply SEO-techniques to improve the findability of your website in the foreign market. Make sure that the agency is specialised in these practices to optimize the findability of your website abroad.

Persuade your website visitors

Depending on your own goals it is important that website visitors perform a certain action on your website. Think of actions like buying a product, get in though with you or leave their contact information. It is important that all the element on the website help to persuade the visitors to attain the desired goal. Hereby you need to revise the text and visual element that are present on the webpages and optimise them to make them appealing for the relevant target group.

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