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Animal Restaurant Review by GamingDady

Overview Animal Restaurant

Many people are familiar with Dog Restaurant, but not everyone has heard of Animal Restaurant. Animal Restaurant is an exciting game to play for boys and girls of all ages. Animal Restaurant can help train you to be a better waiter in the real world.

Animal Restaurant Review


Play Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a fun little game created by two brothers, Chris and Nick. It’s a story that begins with the protagonist being woken up by his mother asking if he wants to go to the restaurant. You can then choose between different animals to play with, each with their own unique personalities. More game codes are also introduced by GamingClutch.

The game is simple, but surprisingly addicting. It’s also free, so you should totally give it a try.

Get more animals on the restaurant

As we all know, we need to get more and more animals on the restaurant. The more we get, the more we earn! But there are several ways to get them:

  • The most common and easiest way to get more animals is to click on the coin button. This way we can get from 50 to 1000 animals at once! But be careful, if you click too fast, you will lose animals!
  • The second way is to click on the animals button. In this way we can get animals from the shop. But the animals in the shop are random, so we might get a cow or a cat, and we might get a dog or a bird. So it is random.
  • The third way is to feed your animals. Feeding your animals makes them happy and in a happy mood they might bring us a friend. And it is a very good way to get a lot of animals! But be aware, if you feed your animals too much, they might get fat and have a heart attack!
  • The fourth way is to put your animals to the top. In this way your animals will gain experience and level up. And leveling up your animals is a very good way to get a lot of animals!
  • And the last way is to click the heart button. When we click on the heart button, we can get a lot of hearts that we need to level up our animals.

Different maps

Animal Restaurant is a fun and exciting game for kids and adults. You can play with friends and family or play with other users from all over the world. But most importantly – you can play with cute animals. As you know, we have a lot of various kinds of animals and you can see them all in Animal Restaurant.

You can choose different kinds of animals and play with them.

You can create your own restaurant and invite all your friends and family to visit it. You can also learn new things and have fun with coloring.

How to introduce game to friends who’ve never played game before

Animal Restaurant is a “pure” strategy game for two players. It’s played on a standard chess board, with one player controlling the black pieces and the other the white. There are no dice or cards or anything like that.

The game is relatively simple, with each player attempting to capture their opponent’s king. The king is very powerful in this game; the only way to capture it is to corner it in one of the far corners of the board.

How to set up a board game

Animal Restaurant is a board game that is fun for the whole family. This is a game that takes less than 5 minutes to learn and it can be played by any number of players. Don’t worry about the rules, because I’ll explain them in the next section.

This game, in particular, is designed for kids, but adults will enjoy playing it too. Apart from the rules, there are some things I’ll talk about with regards to the game setup.

Conclusion: This game is fun and enjoyable game. Try this game for free.

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