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How To Make An App Like Uber In 2020

Taxi app development business is not a simple thing to start, especially when it involves the process of creating something similar to Uber!

How To Make An App Like Uber In 2020

Yes, back in the days’ people used their strength to travel to and FRO from one place to another, but now the stereotype of taxi service being royalty has been broken down by Uber, making it affordable to public masses.

What Should You Know Before Starting a Business-Like Uber?

Uberisation is the term that is used most often now in the taxi industry as the taxi-hailing app has created a revolution. They are a successful and efficient entity in economical transportation.

Uber, with multiple competitions with other identical apps, is still the sole runner in more than 60 countries. Some of the identical competitors you have to face when starting a business with UBER clone are Lyft, Curb, Easy Taxi, Smart Car Tech, Gett, and so on.

Agenda for Building an App like Uber

Uber initially started its app on an iOS platform where the riders could book rides for the customers and also adding luxury cars in the cart. At first, it only lured in the upper-class society, but then it diverted its path to target all the sections of society neutrally.

It enhanced the customer experience by charging fair prices, which made it a default app for transportation soon. Now, after experiencing the ins and outs of cab services,  Uber is planning to stick its flag in the domain of sky by introducing UberCopter as their new goal.

Why is the Uber Clone business on the rise?

Something is different about Uber; that’s why the rise of the Uber clone app is prominent and demanding. It’s none other than its features, let’s have a look at the features here –

  • Tracking Rides

One of the amazing features of the Uber app is the process of tracking rides after it is booked. The whole situation of the rider entering and getting dropped in the location after the request is accepted by the driver through the integration of uber apps is a must feature.

  • The flexibility of Payment Modes

Passengers can pay through multiple modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, cash integrating a user-friendly environment.

  • Estimated Fare

Prices of the rides are fixed based on the pickup and drop location conveniently. It also depends on the multiple destinations and the type of car chosen for riding.

Apart from these fantastic features, the taxi app development involves additional features like tracking service history by the passengers, booking advance rides, booking for your friends and family, smart wallets, panic button to ensure security, splitting fares when traveling with friends and much more.

It has extensive features for drivers as well as receiving a summary of driving style and other reports, quest earnings, optimizations of routes, maps, cancellation window, and many more.

Let’s look at the steps to make an app like Uber-

  • You must create a trip request with a final destination in mind. Think of the way the pricing works from the upfront trips based on the type of vehicle and other categories.
  • Now, as a next step, the user must confirm the pickup location; this is the verification of the trip.
  • Now, it’s time to match the passenger with nearby drivers. It’s up to the driver to accept or deny the request for a ride.
  • After the completion of the ride, payment is automatically made through the app if the user pays through PayPal account, credit or debit card, Android Pay, or Apple Pay.
  • After each ride, a rating is requested from the uber app.

Uber clone app can charge up to $5-$10 if the traveler cancels the ride after 5 minutes of booking the ride. Also, the basis of fare calculations depends on how the driver is driving the vehicle- if he drives less than 11mph, it is charged per minute. The charge will be per mile if the car is driven faster.

How to Make an App Like Uber?

Create an engaging landing page for your website, which helps in building the interest from the users to request drivers in your platform.

  1. Registration- Make it possible through Facebook, mobile number, or email.
  2. Booking rides- The screen must reflect a space for entering the address, choosing car type, and setting up pick up location.
  3. Fare Estimation of prices- ensure to give a feature where the customer can estimate the price beforehand.
  4. Notifications- make information vital by keeping the passenger updated trip request status, driver and car details, etc.
  5. Payment, messaging, calling, and driver ratings and reviews must be implemented.

How can we forget the technological aspect of the app? Indeed, you can run a successful business with key technology like geolocation, as it plays a major role in directing the drivers and riders through the integration of maps.

Push notification and messaging is also another important technology that you must have to maintain proper communication within the app.

The bottom line is, to flourish your Uber-like business by building a similar app through scripts, is to plan and research the market before entering into this niche as there are multiple competitors. It’s better to come up with excellent features instead of being a doppelganger of the Uber app.

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