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Telenor Easy Card – The Complete Family Details

Do you need something awesome? With awesome I mean something very special in terms of freedom and easiness. If you do need something like that then you have to go with or checkout Telenor Easy Card because it is such an awesome All-In-One Card.

Telenor easy card is sort of one man show because it is a complete package which includes Call minutes, SMS and Internet with some unlimited freedom of social media apps. So today I am going to talk about and share some of the awesome benefits and versions of these Telenor Easycard.

What you would get with these cards? Interesting question to be honest because it really matters that what I am going to get from this offer if I will subscribe it. Actually before answering this question let me tell you that there are multiple versions of Telenor Super Card. Let me introduce them one by one so that you would know about all of these at once in one page.

The first one is Easy card 450, The 450 is the price of this card when you will purchase this card you are going to get 500 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS and with 1000 MBs Internet. Isn’t that cool to subscribe or buy these super cards on time and be chill and be enjoying your relations with other for 30 days of the month? Indeed it is.

The second one is Telenor Super card 600, In this one you are going to get 1500 telenor and PTCL minutes, 150 Off-Net other network minutes, 1500 SMS and with 5000 MBs of internet in which 2000 MBs are for social media. The social media mean WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger. This is a sort of medium size package from easy card family.

If you are fan of big and big offers then we have the Telenor easy card 800 for you because it is the desired card ever you will want ion your life ever. Yeah Ever. In this package you will get 3000 On-Net Telenor and PTCL Minutes, 150 Off-Net minutes for Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor. The 3000 SMS let me mention as well with 6000 MBs of internet for the entire coming month or 30 days of your life.

A lot of the time our visitors ask us or message us about the selection in between these offers and we always tell them that we can’t tell you one which is going to be the perfect. There is reason behind that because everyone in this world has its own desired and needs in other to talk about technologies.

That’s why we mentioned all of the Telenor Easy Cards available officially from this awesome telecom operators so that you could choose the best one for which you are looking and which is suited the best for you according to your needs and desired. Enjoy the freedom of Telenor with these Telenor Super Cards. If hope that you liked our post and we are sure that it would help you and your partner in any way.




Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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