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How To Increase Your Facebook Likes & Followers

Facebook is a social media platform launched by Mark Zuckerburg. He is the Owner and CEO of Facebook. Well, This is the introduction only.  The main part of this platform is where everybody can connect and get to know each other. But our today’s Article Topic is Bit Different which is How to Increase Facebook Likes and followers? Everybody needs a good Likes page and more followers on his Profile.

Well, You can either Promote your profile or page in order to get free likes and free facebook auto followers by spending a normal amount of money. Either, You can share your page on some of the related Facebook groups in order to get free likes on your page or you can share even on your profile. If Your profile is having some good engagements.

Let’s go in Deep, Below we have added a stepwise procedure how can you increase your Facebook page likes either via promotion or by sharing.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes Through Adverts:

  • If You want to increase your facebook page likes using Adverts then Publish any post on your facebook page.
  • Click on the boost option you will see.
  • Choose the category, Target the Audiences and Set your Budget and Buy Facebook Real Followers and Likes easily through adverts.
  • This is the best option if You are not having any budget issue.

Still, Let’s have a look on the other way to increase facebook likes and followers on the freeway.

How To Increase Facebook Likes By Sharing:

It’s the second process but bit difficult as you have to spend a lot of time in order to increase the likes of your facebook page. let see how it works

  • First, Publish any Attractive Post with a catchy title.
  • Then Try to research about the post you have published.
  • Find out the related groups, and then share your facebook page post on them.
  • The chances are very less as if around 100 persons attract on your post then you merely receive only 10 likes.
  • That is also a good number in a freeway.


Everybody wants to increase his brand awareness and what could be better than having the Facebook page as a medium. facebook pages prove to be one of the best options to list your brand but the problem is not only listing your brand will help you. You will have to find the specific audience for this and for that, you have to increase the number of likes, comments and Facebook reactions in order to stand in the brand competition.

In this article, we have Shared two methods which are proved to be best till now. So, in the natural way you can increase the likes count on your facebook page. Still, If You are having any doubts You can ask us in the comments section we will definitely help you. Till have a good day!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.
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