How To Find Out More About Your Online Date

Many people have turn to online dating for pursuing intimate relationships. It allows working professionals to date from the comfort of their own home while having access to dating diversity. If you want your relationship to progress, then you will have to meet in person. Unfortunately, you can be anybody behind a computer screen. Read on to find out how you can find out more about your online date.

How To Find Out More About Your Online Date

Check Social Media Websites

Social media websites give people the platform to share their lives with people all over the world. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of over sharing on these platforms. Checking the person’s social media website is a good way to learn about past relationships. If a relationship did not end well, then you may see some of it spill over on social media. You can also find out information about location, education, employment and personality. A service like Intelius can help with finding out even more in-depth information about your date.

Check For Criminal Background

A criminal background check can tell you a lot about a person’s history. Felony statistics is one of the ways to measure the prevalence of crimes. Public surveys are often done to measure the amount of crime not reported to the police. These surveys help with evaluating trends.

A criminal background check is important for an online date because you want to make sure the person does not have a violent history. It helps to know this information before getting into a serious relationship.

Check Relationship History

Many online daters are not truthful about their relationship status. You do not want to invest time into someone who is married. Reviewing the person’s social media profiles is a good starting point. However, you will have to investigate any relationship status information found on social media. Other places to check include public records, wedding registries and local newspaper announcements.

Ask For The Information

If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you should ask your potential spouse directly. Some records require permission from the owner before someone can access them. These records may include military, school records and credit reports.

You want to ask your date about his or her criminal background before agreeing to meet in person. If the person is not forthcoming with the information, then you can base your decision on the lack of information.

If you want to pursue online dating, then it is important to exercise caution. You want to make sure the person is telling the truth. It may take extending your research to a service like Intelius to determine the identity of your date.

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