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Best Writing Applications For Students 2018

If You are a student and not grown in a native English speaking family? Even Your parents don’t know the correct way to speak in their native language or write in their native language. Well, In this case, You should have to focus on improving your current writing skills. From the current Writing skills, I mean to say if You are speaking well then increasing your writing skills can give much more beneficial to you.

Writing Applications For Students

You will be thinking about how it can be beneficial for me? Right! Well, Here is the answer to your question it would be beneficial to you in several way:

  1. First You can become a native English writer.
  2. Second You can easily earn some funds by writing for others as a freelancer.
  3. Third, the most important thing you will earn is your writing skills.

If We talk about the Top companies today or some newspaper Just like NYTimes. who needs a good article writer and they are providing a good salary too. Well, our today topic is all about the writing applications for students. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Writing Applications for students:

There are mainly 3 applications which are good at providing the best tool for content writing in the smartphone. Let’s have a look at them. These applications not only help you to create a good piece original content but also help you to increase your sense of humor in terms of grammatical mistakes.


Grammarly is one of the famous tool available across all the platforms as well as chrome extensions. Currently, Grammarly Free Trail campaign is running on the website. Free Trail means access to the free features available in this tools like you can check the grammatical mistakes check sentences and all. But if You opt for the premium account of Grammarly then it can also give you some awesome features like Real-time Plagiarism Checker to check whether your content is unique or not. If You want to buy Grammarly premium and want to have the awesome features then currently Grammarly is offering some discount coupons You can check it out the discount coupons from here:


IAWriter is another android application which provides the free access to some of the awesome features like sentence reordering, Grammar corrections, and checks whether your written line or paragraph makes sense or not. According to me if you are looking for the free option then IAwriter would be the perfect choice for you.


Third and the last application is on our list is Jotterpad. Jotterpad just gives you access to some of the normal features which every content writing tool can easily provide but it is giving you options to export your article in PDF or Docs format. Moreover, If You want to access its creative Features then you need to unlock it from from the Playstore By paying 350Rs Extra. (Something, about 5$)


Writing an article is never been an easy task for the anyone until and until you belong to the really experienced writing skills. Writing skills cannot achieved by overnight one need to have a lot of practice in order to write the perfect article for his/herself. Similarly, We have given some options to the students so they can use these tools while writing their content and these tools will help them to correct their sentences as well as their mistakes. Furthermore, they will also help them to improve their writing skills.

Still, If You are left with any doubts? You can always ask us in the comments section.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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