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How to Improve Your Restaurant Food Delivery Service in 2021

Food delivery service is the kind of restaurant concept that you don’t want to skip. Especially if you’re trying to establish the success of your business. It is one of the new food business models that has shown and proven its potential recently.

Improve Your Restaurant Food Delivery Service

As a result of the pandemic, modern diners increasingly turn to online ordering and delivery services. If your restaurant does not offer one or both of these services, it will still struggle to attract new customers.

With the ongoing digitization, it’s hard to imagine operating a restaurant using the traditional and manual way. Automation in any way will put your restaurant at an advantage. If you want to optimize your food ordering and delivery system, then this is the perfect time to act.

If you’re running out of ideas and concepts to apply to your ongoing ordering and delivery system, then you might want to sit back and read along through this article.

Tips in Improving Your Food Ordering And Delivery Service

Gone are the days where delivery is categorized as a lazy way to get food. The mindset of consumers has already improved and sees it as a safer alternative to access food from different restaurants.

In fact, in Glasgow, several restaurants offered home food deliveries. Options are now not limited to pizza and Chinese takeaways. You can now offer an exclusive ready-to-cook five-course meal, a do-it-yourself pizza, and even a vegan and organic platter.

Try implementing the tips below if you want to take your delivery to another level.

Optimize your delivery hours and area

Make it easier for your customers to place their orders, anytime, and anywhere. It is even possible that your brand reached a wider level of customer base. And isn’t your goal to cater to as many potential consumers as possible?

 If you currently deliver to a particular region, then you might want to evaluate and track your delivery performance. Once you find that your restaurant has already made an impact in your local community, you can move ahead to the next step.

Do not rush into things. You need to conduct a thorough market analysis first. An extended delivery radius means longer delivery hours. Make sure you understand how you can overcome challenges that might arise.

On the other hand, your delivery hours could be limiting the incoming sales for your restaurant. Adjusting it according to your peak hours can help you maximize your new delivery concept.

Consider taking advantage of local and national holidays as well. These are times when food delivery is most in demand.

Provide multiple payment options

Modern diners prefer little to no interaction with their dining experience. Affirm that your brand prioritizes safety and their welfare by letting them electronically pay for their orders.

The millennials and Gen Z are highly interested in online payments and mobile wallets right now. Not only that, but it’s also crucial that you give your existing customers an array of payment options.

Your customers can pay you either with cash, credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, or other online payment options.

Take your marketing game to the next level

You must review your marketing plan and consider revising it, as buyers’ demands switch and evolve. The marketing practices that garnered you lots of customers last year may lose their effectiveness as more individuals become aware of you and your services.

Staying safe with your marketing campaigns won’t bring you any further. If you want your customers to take their interest in your improved delivery and ordering service, then try out some of the trending and successful marketing strategies out there.

Here are some of the marketing and promotional techniques you may try out.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Virtual Reality Approach
  • Covid-19 Themed Marketing
  • Using branded videos
  • Geo-tagging
  • Local SEO Marketing

Utilize the potential of food presentation and packaging

You can convey your gratitude to patrons by employing a personalized thank you note. This shows that there is a human behind the brand and that it takes the time to write a few polite words.

Your marketing will be centered around your food’s flavor because that is its primary attribute. However, the manner your items look and the packaging shouldn’t be overlooked. Small details can create a huge difference.

Adding safety seal stickers to bags ensuring food quality and integrity is one example. Some freebies incorporate wet napkins customized with your brand name and logo, stickers with QR codes of your social media profiles.

Ensure your menu is delivery-friendly 

Consider removing those items that don’t travel well from your delivery menu and replacing them with something more appropriate. Not all menu items travel well, and it’s better not to deliver them at all rather than them arriving at your customers looking like a jumbled mess.

It is also necessary to utilize high-quality packaging for an enjoyable online ordering experience. Be sure to include your brand throughout the package to keep the food warm, safe, and looking its best.

Focus on customer engagement

A connection should be established to keep customers interested in your brand and keep them coming back for more. There are numerous ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand. They need to feel like they are a part of the business.

Offering exclusive discounts and special promotions is a good way to start this initiative. But keep in mind that this is for short-term success. If you want a longer and more sustainable project, then launching a customer loyalty program is the best step.

Online takeaway apps use loyalty programs because they are a great way to generate consistent online food orders and deliveries. It provides customers a reason to keep purchasing meals from your restaurant since they have a sense of connection with your restaurant’s brand.

Purchases can be converted into credits or loyalty points that can be redeemed upon reaching a certain amount.

Encourage online reviews and feedback

Ensure that your website allows users to provide you with feedback concerning their order. Feedback on the way the meal was delivered, the quality of the food, and the packaging are integral to your business because they can help you enhance it.

In addition, make sure you respond promptly and rationally to online reviews. Potential clients will be more trusting of a fellow consumer than your sales pitch. If they see a negative comment, and you respond with grace and within reason, then you’ll gain another customer.

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