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How to Improve Your Fleet Management

Thinking about starting a fleet management company? A great idea! When you’re doing it correctly, it can be very successful. Exciting, isn’t it? Maybe, but it can also be very stressful. How do you stand out between all these big names? How do you make sure your fleet management company is successful? In other words: how do you improve your fleet management? In this blog we give multiple tips on how to improve your fleet management.

Improve Your Fleet Management

Use a vehicle tracking system

Not knowing where your drivers are is the biggest mistake you can make as a beginner in this business. Not knowing what your drivers are doing and which way they’re going, can be very hard on your business. How do you improve route efficiency when you don’t know where your drivers are or how to communicate with them correctly?

Luckily, there are many ways to prevent this issue. Just by installing a vehicle tracking system from in your fleet. Vehicle tracking systems come in various forms and sizes. From small monitors on the dashboard to great internal systems. It depends on the size of your business which tracking system is the best choice.

By using a vehicle tracking system you are constantly updated about the coordinates of your driver. Therefor you’re able to maximize the route efficiency, save money on fuel and save lots of time on communication. With the data you gather with a tracking system, you can start analysing past driving behaviour. Based on this data, it’s possible to conclude which routes can be optimised Which in return can save you fuel costs and maintenance costs. It’s also a great way to inform your customers how long it will take till the driver is at their homes. Likewise, you can get a fuel card through which fleet owners can get real-time reports and accordingly implement purchase controls. If you are considering vehicle tracking for your fleet business you may want to go one step further and get a fuel card. First and foremost, ask yourself, do I need a fuel card for my business? Any commercial business small or large should have a fuel card. A card can save your business money at the pump and increase your profits!

Take care of drivers safety

Drivers safety is often forgotten. It’s a shame, because your drivers are the main asset of your company. Without them, your company will not function. That’s why it’s important to make sure that they are safe. Do this by letting them rest enough before a long trip and reduce the chances of an accident with their vehicle, by maintaining the vehicles well.

You can also use a vehicle tracking system like CameraMatics fleet safety management system to analyse the driving behaviour of your drivers. This device will tell you all about speed, breaks and acceleration. When their not following protocol, you can let them know. By improving the driving behaviour, the chances of an accident are less high.

Also keep communicating with your drivers. They know what happens during working hours. Perhaps they can give you hints on where routes can be optimised or on why orders take longer than they should. When it comes to orders, it’s important that your drivers are well informed about the upcoming orders. Via some systems you can directly send orders to the drivers, while they are still driving. This allows drivers to better prepare for the next orders and making the process more fluent.

Maintain the highest quality of your fleet

A fleet management company relies mainly on their fleet. That’s why it’s important to maintain the highest quality by making sure all vehicles are in great condition. This can be done by replacing vehicles that are no longer good to use. Make sure to check the maintenance of your vehicles regularly, so you can highlight problems early on. However, the maintenance of the vehicles depends on the duration of the vehicles and the amount of routes they drive. So be sure to be careful of older vehicles. The maintenance of the vehicles is also important for the safety of your drivers. Regular maintenance may prevent accidents from happening.

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