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How to Hire a Generator for Your Event

Outdoor events require a generator to power up items like the PA system, a large screen or chargers. Here are some of the things you should consider before investing in generator for hire to use at your event.

Appliances and wattage

Generators vary depending on the number of appliances that need to be used and their energy requirements. The energy used up by cooking equipment may not be the same as that of an extreme sound system. You can check the energy requirements of these appliances on stickers found on the product or online. You will need to calculate the maximum level of wattage required for the event. This is done by adding up the Watts required by each equipment.

Hire a Generator for Your Event

Size and weight of the generator

This will influence your event layout as a smaller generator will be less conspicuous than a larger one. Furthermore, it will determine the ease of transportation and the cost of the generator.You’ll need to know how to determine size of the generator required before making the purchase though. A heavy machine may require you to invest in a huge truck or even a forklift during delivery and pickup especially if the terrain is hilly.

Equipment for the generator to function

These include cables, fuel containers, load banks and distribution boards. Check whether your supplier offers these additional appliances together with the generator or if you have to find them elsewhere.

Type of fuel

Generators utilise different types of fuel to produce energy including petrol, propane, diesel, bio-diesel, emulsified diesel and natural gas. Consider the price of the fuel your generator uses, its availability and whether you can find safe storage for it at the event site.

Fuel storage capacity

Hire a generator with sustainable storage such that you don’t have to keep refuelling it several times during the event. This capacity should also be compatible with the maximum Wattage of appliances at the event to prevent unexpected outages.

Availability of shelter

Ensure you can set up a protective shield for the generator to keep it away from adverse weather conditions such as extreme temperatures or muddy conditions.

Location of the generator

It should be placed in an area with a free flow of air as the gadget emits lots of heat. This also prevents the accumulation of the deadly but odourless and colourless carbon monoxide produced by the machine when on. If you wish to conceal a large generator, you can place it behind light covers matching the theme of the event as long as it remains well ventilated.

Furthermore, place it in a strategic point where noise is not much of a nuisance such as next to the washrooms. This is because generators can get annoyingly loud when on which can disrupt personal conversations or communication through the PA system.

It may be necessary to utilise thicker cables so that you don’t have to place the generator very far away. Although more expensive than long cables, thick cables have less power resistance meaning there is less risk of a power drop.

The generator should be positioned on a flat, stable surface as it consumes more energy and is unsafe when placed on uneven ground.

Ease of transportation

In addition to weight and size, check whether your generator has wheels or a mere flat base that requires lifting during transportation.

Collection date and setup time

Generator set up time can easily encroach on time for the event when not carefully planned for. Consult your provider on the maximum set up time your generator requires and possibly make arrangements for it to be delivered a day before the event.

Safety issues

It is important to hire a generator from a specialist as they are more likely to give you the most suitable generator in addition to tips on how to use it. Before hiring a generator, check that is has received regular maintenance and that it has proper earthing. Moreover, always make sure you adhere to the British Standard BS 7671 regarding electrical installation.

Additional equipment

There are some things in life that you just can’t plan for. If you are planning a big event like a wedding then it is always better to be safe than sorry. For this reason, insurance and a back-up plan are always recommended!

– Generator insurance

– Fire extinguishers and firefighter contacts

– Contact details of a trained electrician that will be available on the day of the event

– A backup generator

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