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12 Best Co-Working Spaces in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the world and the wealthiest in India. Over the recent years, the city has turned into a hub of startups in the country. But the problem is that the real estate industry in the city is highly competitive. This means getting an office space is but a struggle. That’s the reason why the concept of co-working space has flourished in and around Mumbai.

Best Co-Working Spaces in Mumbai

Co-working spaces in Mumbai are very popular among startup businesses and independent contractors. Other than saving on monthly rent, they have also helped people to connect and interact with each other.

Below are 12 co-working spaces in Mumbai:

  1. Ministry of New

Ministry of New is a lavish 8,000 square-foot home that was started by Dutch nationals Natascha Chadha and Marlie Bloemendaal. It comprises wide galleries and spacious offices perfect for a working environment. The interior decor is an inspiration of European and local styles. One thing that sets Ministry of New apart from other co-working spaces in the country is its natural-like environment.

If you are looking for a co-working space with enough natural light and a serene environment, the Ministry of New is the place to be. You also get access to high-speed internet, a library, kitchen, lounge, meeting room, and cafeteria.

  1. WeWork

WeWork has placed itself as a leader in the co-working space industry. It has ultra-modern co-working spaces strategically situated across 13 locations in Mumbai including Andheri, Vikhroli, and BKC.

The company provides spacious co-working spaces with first-class amenities such as modern air conditioning, high-speed internet, a kitchen, printers, and unlimited beverages. It also has dedicated workstations, hot desks, meeting rooms, private rooms.

  1. The Playce

The Playce is home to over 25 startups and serves more than just a coworking space. It is one of the most famous co-working spaces in Mumbai It boasts of a strong community of like-minded professionals. It comes with dedicated workstations, plug-and-play shared desks, and private cabins. The Playce sits on a 5,000 square-foot building and is considered the most affordable coworking space in Mumbai.

  1. Workafella

Mumbai is considered a city that never sleeps and that is what Workafella is trying to emulate. The company offers round-the-clock access to its coworking spaces across the city. It consists of private cabins, comfortable working stations, meeting rooms, and many more.

Workafella offers friendly prices for its co-working spaces and frequently organizes networking events and mentorship programs. One thing that distinguishes Workafella from its counterparts is the fact that it provides recreational facilities to its clients.

  1. Awfis Space Solutions

Awfis offers a wide range of modern co-working spaces across different parts of Mumbai including Vashi, Lower Parel, and Andheri West. Other than the top-notch infrastructure and high-end amenities, you can have access to the Lemon Tree, luxurious meeting rooms among others. The good thing about Awfis is that it has a special app to help you manage your working space and reservations.

  1. Harkat Studios

If you are considering working in a place with bright colors, a natural environment, and a lot of sunlight, the Harkat Studios is the place for you. This boutique international studio provides a casual working space idea for small agencies and freelancers. You also get to enjoy amenities like high-speed internet, a library, printer, air conditioning, and unlimited drinks.

  1. WorkLoft

WorkLoft is another popular Coworking Space in Mumbai. It provides a wide range of options including dedicated workstations, private cabins, and shared desks. They can also customize workstations as per the requirements of a customer. WorkLoft provides its members with several plans, making it perfect for upcoming entrepreneurs and independent contractors.

  1. The Hive

The Hive is a collaborative co-working space aimed at unleashing creativity among customers. The company was started with the objective of promoting mixed performance and art. The Hive has another distinct coworking facility known as Collab designed to promote an open culture. This working space is ideal for photographers, designers, artists, and other creative individuals.

  1. 91Springboard

91Springboard has been in operation for several years and is one of the most preferred co-working spaces in Mumbai. It provides a range of high-end and fully-functional working spaces across different locations in Mumbai. Every coworking space has a number of mentorship programs, hackathons, workshops among others.

  1. Redbrick Offices

Redbrick Offices is a group of shared workspaces spread across different parts of Mumbai including Powai, BKC, Andheri, and Kalina. One unique thing about Redbrick Offices is its persistence in creating a sense of community for upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals. Their workspaces are ideal for small startups and large organizations.

  1. Rise Mumbai

This is part of a global chain of premium coworking spaces meant for FinTech organizations. The state-of-the-art coworking space was designed with the intention of connecting India to the global FinTech community.

  1. Work Coordinates

This is a modern coworking facility and the most unique in Mumbai. It provides an open and casual environment meant to ignite creativity. Inside the working space, you have access to private cabins, spacious meeting rooms, as well as plug-and-play workstations.

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