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How to hide blueticks in Whatsapp for Android

WhatsApp recently launched a brand new feature that makes it possible for the sender of information to understand when his message will be read by the recipient. This feature was employed by the method of displaying dual light blue tick icon in the bottom-right corner of this WhatsApp message bubble. Whenever your WhatsApp message will be read by your friend, the double grey ticks will turn into dual blue ticks.

Many men and women enjoy this particular read receipt through blue tick marks. Now it’s been easier to keep an eye on a dialogue on WhatsApp. However, some users feel it is a privacy violation. If you ask me, I would also concur the gloomy ticks are in fact a privacy violation. It is more or less the same sort of problem as that of the previous Seen time stamp. Also, you might just want to download GB WhatsApp Instead for much better privacy and security features!

WhatsApp users are asking, “Is it feasible to hide or disable blue sign marks? Might it be possible to hide the simple fact that you’ve read that a WhatsApp message? How can I stop my buddy from understanding that I have read his message?”

Due to WhatsApp Blue Ticks is your message was seen by the receiver.

When Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook obtained WhatsApp, he also made it certain that an option was given to hide last observed time. Currently, a new version of WhatsApp delivers a similar choice to dismiss and disable the read receipt though blue ticks.

In the event, you don’t find the alternative given under, to begin with, you should update your WhatsApp to the latest version. The majority of us have already got the option to disable read receipts via automatic app upgrades. But in case you haven’t, do a manual update to the Most Recent version:

  • Open your own current WhatsApp on your cell phone. Go to Settings and then empower ‘Download from Unknown Sources’.
  • Go to WhatsApp site and get into the WhatsApp latest variant APK document
  • Following download, install this kind of app to your smartphone
  • Once you have the Latest WhatsApp in your mobile, take the next steps to hide read receipts:

Open WhatsApp and again go to Settings > Account > Privacy

Under the Read Receipts alternative. It may disable the blue ticks in your WhatsApp messages.

Disabling blue drives will guarantee that if you read a message WhatsApp, no more information about it’s delivered to host and then to the sender of the message. The sender won’t come to understand you have read and seen the message.

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