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How to Get the Most Out of Paid Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising company developed for advertisers by giant tech company Google. Google Ads was formerly known as Google AdWords before it was rebranded in 2018. Google Ads is a platform where advertisers bid to display short advertisements, product listings, service offerings, or videos to web users. Paid per click (PPC) strategies and consumer trends are changing fast in our modern world, and Google keeps up with the needs. You can gain a significant amount of market share by following a few best practice tips to get the most of your Google Ads and PPC. Here are a few expert tips to get you ahead of the game.

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1.  Keep Track of Analytics, Metrics, and Data

Most successful PPC campaigns require regular monitoring, testing, optimizing, evaluating, and learning, all of which may take a considerable amount of your time. Analyzing this data means following the best Google Adwords management tips to ensure higher conversions with your campaigns. When the need to hire a PPC agency arises, you will reap the benefits of working with a competent team that will dedicate a necessary amount of effort and time to optimize and manage your campaigns effectively. How well you or someone else drives your PPC campaigns means the success of the campaigns.

2.  Avoid Using the Home Page as a Landing Page

While this may not settle well with many marketers, it is a no-brainer. Many marketers will put together an exceptional ad campaign and leave it, pointing to their homepage. In most cases, this doesn’t work because your home page is not earmarked for a specific market segment. Ads use keywords and ad copy that engage a specific set of people within a specified target market. Understand that if you use a home page, you aren’t likely to carry out the same function. Also, note that your QS (Quality Score) takes a dip if your linked landing page is irrelevant to your ad. A low-Quality Score means that your ad will lose relevance and appear lower in search engine results pages depriving you of potential conversions.

3.  Optimize Campaigns for Mobile Platforms

The first step includes setting up Google Ads mobile to help you in generating more leads. With the increasing use of smartphones every day, more searches are conducted using mobile devices. The importance of recognizing the essence of mobile PPC advertising will help you optimize accordingly. Most marketers focus solely on PCs when running a Google Ads Campaign without realizing that mobile has the upper hand when it comes to gross search volume for keyword matching. Conversions are easy with mobile users, especially on search or display networks. Smartphones provide a higher level of interaction with users; hence the increased need to use mobile platforms for ads. The CTC (call-to-action) feature available in mobile browsers has changed the game in conversion funnels compared to mobile and desktop appliances. Using Google mobile is a crucial way to reach different target customers. Also, note that there are restrictions when it comes to mobile PPC in comparison to desktop PPC. As you prepare for mobile Google Ads Campaigns, consider the following factors:

  • Mobile-friendly landing pages – be careful not to send your PPC leads to a page set for desktop leads. It’s essential to consider a mobile-friendly landing page that is essential for mobile PPC.
  • Precise and written – keep your mobile PPC headlines as short and concise as possible. Desktop PPC offers a large space to write your ad text, so make it look sharp.

Many research studies have shown that people use their phones daily, which means you have a potentially large number of people that will click on your ad.

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4.  Employ the Use of Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a form of paid advertising designed to earmark an audience within a specific region. Geotargeting plays a vital role in creating highly customized and target-oriented campaigns. By using geo-targeting, you can refine your PPC ads to appeal to a broader target market elsewhere. Using geo-targeting means that you will attract more quality leads. By bidding negative amounts for different regions, your ads will not appear in specified areas. When targeting users in other areas, use the following criteria:

  • The radius of location – use this criterion to curtail a select distance around a specific area.
  • Multiple locations – you can employ a strategy of selecting a group of areas within a country.
  • Different countries – this method is often used by large multinational companies that operate in more expansive geographical locations to sell and market their products and services.
  • You can also target specific areas within a country, e.g., cities, states, or different postal codes. This strategy is employed mostly by businesses that operate within a particular region of a nation.

5.  Bid on Applicable and Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of Ads campaigns, which means bidding on the most relevant keywords is paramount: this is not as simple as it sounds. Choosing keywords to advertise can break or make your Ads Return on Investment (ROI). Experts suggest the use of AdWords Keyword Planner to search and find related terms. Bid on relevant keywords, keeping in mind that many people browse the internet using natural language and how people talk.

6.  Schedule Ads

Many businesses run their ads at all hours with no apparent purpose, which results in loss of money. Avoiding this is a situation you’d like to avoid. Using Ad Scheduling, you can set specific hours of the day and custom times when your ads can run. This strategy goes hand in hand with bidding on relevant keywords. Select the most valuable time to run your ads. Many companies, e.g., eCommerce, run their ads 24/7 as they don’t need to be physically present in an office to follow leads. What you need to understand as an advertiser is that running your ads for more extended periods helps you know how long your ads should run and when to bid more or less.

Google ads have changed the way businesses can target users in the digital world. With the few hacks listed above, increase your conversions and make the most out of Ads.

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