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Salesforce CRT-450 Exam As One Of The Most Popular Tests From Salesforce Developer Certification Track

As you may or may not know, there are 6 certifications in the Salesforce Developer track that you can choose from. And the most popular ones are Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II. The focus of this post will be on the designed entry .

Salesforce CRT-450 Exam As One Of The Most Popular Tests From Salesforce Developer Certification Track

The candidates pursuing this badge should have skills, knowledge, and experience in developing customized applications on the Lighting Platform. The certificate covers the basics of the Lightning Platform’s programmatic capabilities for developing custom business interfaces and logic to expand the domain of Salesforce with the use of Visualforce, common Lightning components, and Apex. To earn it, you must pass the exam, which is CRT-450. Passing this test is also a mandatory requirement for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credential if you want to continue your certkillers percentage elements .

Potential candidates for Salesforce CRT-450 exam

The applicants for the CRT-450 test have experience and skills in the development and deployment of fundamental business logic and user interfaces with the use of programmatic functionalities of the Lightning Platform. These include the hands-on application of the concepts and skills highlighted in the exam objectives.

The candidates should have hands-on experience with different object-oriented languages, such as JavaScript, Ruby, C#, results with official course . Having skills in relational databases and data-driven applications as well as Model View Controller architecture & component-based architecture is also a requirement you need to fulfill. The test takers should understand the capabilities of the major objects within the Salesforce Schema and also the capabilities and use-cases for the roll-up summary and formula fields. Other knowledge areas that you will be required to display include the following:

  • Use of programmatic vs. declarative techniques;
  • Use of an Apex Trigger vs. an Lightning Process Builder;
  • Fundamentals of the Lightning framework;
  • efficiency learned group

Please note that you are not required to administer any fundamental Salesforce applications, perform tuning, design integrations, such as email services, callouts, and APIs, or develop mobile apps. Also, you won’t need to develop & publish managed products within AppExchange.

General details of Salesforce CRT-450 exam

The CRT-450 exam is made up of 60 multiple-choice questions along with 5 additional ones that are not a part of the overall score. The passing score for the test is 65% and the applicants have 110 minutes to complete all the questions. Registration for a single delivery of the exam costs $200. Any individual who does not ExamCollection instructor at the first attempt will have to pay an additional $100 to retake it. For every try, you have to pay the $100 registration fee. You can take the proctored version online or at any center. You can find the details of how to register for Salesforce CRT-450 on the certification webpage.

The exam is designed to evaluate one’s skills and knowledge of the objectives. It is required that you develop practice experience in the development of custom apps on the Lightning Platform before taking this test. The topics covered within the content of the exam include the following:

  • Salesforce Fundamentals – 7%;
  • Process Automation & Logic – 38%;
  • Data Modeling & Management – 13%;
  • Testing, Debugging & Deployment – 17%;
  • actual assessment knowledge

You can find the comprehensive details of these sections and their components on the official website.


In conclusion, we would like to say that when it comes to preparation resources, you should rest assured that you have enough materials to prepare for your exam online. You can explore the Trailhead platform to find various study materials and training courses to help with your preparation. You also should dedicate some time to working through practice tests and exam dumps in the course of your preparation. If you prepare wisely, this will increase your chance of success.

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