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How to Get Hired At Family Dollar

Family Dollar is one of the most high-status and well-known retailer brands in America, with more than 7,000 stores across over 45 states. Getting a job at a Family Dollar store or their corporate office is not overly complicated. However, if you are serious about your future career at Family Dollar, you should pay attention to the hiring process. Today we will discuss in detail the main aspects that you need to know about getting a job at this company.

Hired At Family Dollar

1. Polish Your Resume

While the Careers page on the Family Dollar website allows you to create a resume on the spot, it would be more professional from your part to have an updated resume at the ready that you can attach to your online application. Do not forget to mention any past experiences or projects that resemble or fit the job description of the position you want with Family Dollar in your CV.

  • Polishing and building a solid resume has another purpose: getting ready to find a hiring manager in one of the stores that you want to work at and personally delivering an envelope containing the resume and a cover letter;
  • Personal interaction and the individual effort you made to hand over your application will show the company’s hiring representatives that you are serious about getting a job at Family Dollar.

2. Pay Attention to the Application Form

Like many other big companies, Family Dollar has a Careers page and portal that you have togo through.

  • Login with Family Dollar and create your account;
  • Use the Locator option to find the stores in your area that you would like to work at; when you log into your account you will be able to apply for multiple jobs, browse through different options, and keep tabs on your applications;
  • Ensure that you read more about the Family Dollar application form to make the best of it on specialized websites like Job Application Center. In the linked article, you will learn that Family Dollar does not have a PDF formon its career site because they want applicants to submit online. Moreover, if you pay attention to the application form and the other available resources, you will learn plenty of useful information that will help smoothen the hiring process. First, read the application form from A to Z before you begin to fill it in;
  • Prepare some info beforehand (education, social security number,) to give your application a smooth ride.

3. Take your Time to Answer the Online Assessment

Before you apply, you will have to answer a handful of Family Dollar assessment questions. The assessment wants to learn more about you as a person and team player. Take your time with this assessment, because it is long and the questions tap into many personal and professional issues. Once you have finished the evaluation, you can submit your resume, assessment, and application form.

Even if the hiring representatives take longer to answer to online applications than personal (pen-and-paper) ones, you should know that if they like what they read, you will receive a call in a few weeks. Lately, experts say that the waiting time can measure up to eight weeks. Bur for some, waiting for a job answer for about two months is just too much.

  • If you need a job and you cannot wait for 6 to 8 weeks to receive an answer, you can try some follow-up strategies, such as giving them a call or talkingdirectly to the manager of the store you have applied for and offering him a printed CV and cover letter in person;
  • If you cannot wait for such a long time, focus on your other applications.

Another important issue that you should know is that Family Dollar performs background checks and pre-employment drug testing. You already consented to the drug test when you sent your application, so all you need to do atthis stage is to wait for their call.

4. Make a Good Impression at the Interview

If you have waited and finally received a call asking you for a face-to-face meeting, get ready for the interview. Usually, the entry-level positions come with simple, short, and friendly talks with the hiring personnel. Management interviews are more complicated, more extended, and focused on multiple types of assessments.

During the friendly interview, you should expect standard interview questions and some specific ones, mostly related to your future job at Family Dollar. If you have some experience in sales, you will probably have to answer sales-related questions or customer service-related ones.

  • You should do your homework in advance. So, learn aboutjob-related aspects like the difference between a coupon and a voucher, the return policies at Family Dollar, customer satisfaction, and more. The more prepared you are, the better impression you will make;
  • Check out the corporate side of the Family Dollar company as well; you will learn a lot of useful information, especially if a top corporate position is what interests you.

The company values teamwork, loyalty, and customer care. They usually promote and hire within the company. In other words, you may be a cashier this year, but you can become an assistant store manager in a few years. However, make sure you express your career intentions to the interviewer and ask what path to take to reach those goals.

In conclusion, you have to show you have the skills and the experience for the position you applied for, but also that you are willing to learn, evolve, and overcome obstacles – as you will never know when you will enjoy a promotion.

5. The Hiring

Some people say that, once the assessment is over, the hiring process speeds up. You need to take the drug test and wait for the results. If everything checks out all right, you may start working at Family Dollar the next day or the next week at the most.


Leaving aside some disconcerting waiting times and a thorough assessment, the Family Dollar hiring process is relatively straightforward. If you want a career with the company, take your time, set your answers straight, send a perfect application form and resume and you may land a dream job sooner than expected. Good luck!

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