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How to Get Good Band Score in The IELTS Exam

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most renowned proficiency tests in the English language. Therefore, aiming for a high IELTS score is the dream for many who wish to pursue an MBA programme or a master’s degree in English. In order to help you achieve this dream, we will provide you with IELTS preparation course tips to achieve a good score. Before we offer you tips, we will provide some insights into the basics of IELTS.

Get Good Band Score in The IELTS Exam

Minimum score

The total score on the IELTS falls in the tune of 1 to 9. The scale represents specified abilities in English: 9 means expert user, 7 indicates good user, 5 goes for modest user, and 1 represents non-user. You must aim to attain a score of 6.5 or more in order to qualify for a master’s degree programme. Requirements of different programmes and universities change accordingly but 6.5 is the standard score.

Skills essential for IELTS

If you would like to passthe IELTS, you should have a strong grip on all four language skills—reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Hence, you should master all these skills evenly so that you do not face any issues during your master’s degree. All these four skills are included considering their employment during the master’s degree studies.

Even though IELTS is a British exam, you won’t need to master the British spellings or accent. IELTS accepts all primary versions of native-speaker English—British, North American, and Australian, among others. Hence, having a strong grip on reading, listening, speaking, and writing is a must. The good thing about having these skills is that it’s easy to achieve now because of the online resources, like this article from ExamGenius. A handy guide to help you find the best IELTS preparation courses, practice questions, and IELTS test materials

IELTS preparation course tips for good score

Here are some tips that will help you get a good score in the IELTS:

  • Begin your training early. Do not fail to monitor your progress frequently. In addition to this, be consistent in your preparation.
  • Practise the 4 main English skills—speaking, listening, writing, and reading.
  • Get a strong grip on standard English grammar in an orderly manner.
  • Expand your vocabulary. This will not happen with just a snap of your finger. Keep a target to learn minimum of 10 new words every day from different subject areas.
  • Do not leave any opportunity to communicate in English, in writing as well as orally.
  • Watch documentaries and go through news on different topics in English.
  • Revise longer texts specialised in varied subjects such as finance, management, history, culture and sciences.
  • When you have a strong base of English language skills and knowledge, it is time to work with a professional IELTS tutor or join an IELTS course.
  • Practise speaking about yourself with other English speakers. You can discuss your interests, hobbies, family, everyday life, dreams, job and professional aspirations.
  • If you are not certain whether you are all set for the IELTS, take a sample test and get feedback from an instructor on your preparation and next actions.
  • Lastly, begin practising with full-length tests for several weeks prior to the date of the actual exam.

Now that you know all the tips, you can start preparing. Good luck!

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