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How To Get Famous on TikTok

You might hate to admit it, but there is a big chance that you spend a couple of hours every day, endlessly scrolling your “for you” page on the TikTok app. No need to feel ashamed, we all do it. Even if you don’t have the app, chances are that your friends or family members have sent you TikToks, or you found some on your Instagram feed.

How To Get Famous on TikTok

TikTok became incredibly popular in a very short period of time. The app is easy to use and you don’t have to post anything on it, you can also just enjoy the infinite amount of content that it provides. But you might have to think twice about this because becoming TikTok famous carries some serious benefits. Keep reading to find out how you can get famous on TikTok.

Focus On Hashtags and Songs

Something that will give you a kick start when it comes to reaching a larger audience is to check out the “trending” page on the app. This will allow you to look at the trending songs and hashtags. Your best bet is to post content that has the number one trending song and hashtag so that more people will view your video.

Frequently Post Content

Consistency is key in this case. The more you post, the more chance of a larger amount of people viewing your videos. Especially if viewers are enjoying what you produce, they will only come back if they see that you are posting more and frequently.

Comment on Already Famous Accounts

Try to follow, and be on top of the already famous accounts on TikTok and start interacting with them. Comment on their content and try to be creative, this will make your comment stand out and it might lead to an interaction with the person itself.

Your comment will appear on top when people go to the comment section, and in this way, they are more likely to go onto your profile and watch your content.

Collaborate With Famous Accounts

If you happen to be lucky enough to already know somebody who is famous on TikTok, collaborate with them in a video or in a live-post. It is almost guaranteed that their fanbase will check out your content and profile, again ensuring you will be reaching a larger audience.

If you are not lucky enough to know somebody like this, if your interaction with these accounts remains constant, you will probably be able to get close to enough to these people and eventually create content together.

Send Your Content To YouTube

Another way to reach TikTok videos is through YouTube, there are countless compilations of (usually funny) videos. If you intend to create funny videos, or you happen to have a hilarious video amongst your content, an idea is to get in touch with one of the compilation channels to include your content.

As we can agree, YouTube is used by so many people, that it is almost impossible that your account will not grow after being exposed in one of these compilations.

Make it easier

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