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How To Generate Transcripts From YouTube Videos

When you choose YouTube to market your products and services, you choose a massive group of over a billion daily users who enjoy video content of all types. It gives you the chance to get your brand known to a huge number of digital users. This is what makes it the second-largest search engine in the world.

How to Generate Transcripts from YouTube Videos

When it comes to statistics, there is all kind of data that proves the efficiency of YouTube for visual content marketing. There are all kinds of users on YouTube, including the ones who reach the platform with the type of content in their minds. There are many others who browse through YouTube content without anything particular in mind and rather get caught up by the quality content that is trending.

When you’re looking to market your brand across multiple digital platforms, you not only need visual content but also textual content that can be read by users and indexed by search engines. The end result would be enhanced traffic to your web store. This is why content marketing has gained more popularity in recent times. The good news is that Designrr will create captions for your YouTube videos that will make your audience understand your brand ideology and trust your business practices.

Let’s take a look at why YouTube video transcripts matter and how you can get the maximum value out of it.

Identify Your Audience, Create Accurate Transcripts

The importance of knowing your audience is proved by the fact that the most popular video on YouTube is the Spanish song “Despacito” with more than 6 billion views to date. The reason is not its language, rather the transcripts that make it enjoyable to all and sundry at the global level. The accurate captions of the visual content in the universal language English made it the most favorite song of a huge majority of YouTube users.

So the first rule is to generate high-quality and accurate captions and transcripts for your YouTube videos.

Don’t Just Type it, Rather Do it Smartly

You exist in a world that offers technologically-advanced solutions for literally every task. You don’t have to type those long transcripts and captions of your YouTube videos for your blogs anymore. Instead, you can leave the task to the artificial intelligence. You now have an abundance of software solutions like Designrr now let you got about the task of transcription like a walk in the park. You may also use a browser plug-in, Firebug, that can let you get transcriptions of your YouTube videos.

You Don’t Need a Fortune to Transcribe Videos Anymore

One of the best aspects of using transcription solutions is that they don’t cost you a fortune. However, you should be able to prefer the right solution over the cheaper one. If you look for a solution that is the cheapest but doesn’t offer quality transcriptions, you actually add more pain to your job. The transcriptions from such cheap software will leave you with a huge bunch of clutter. It would require a huge time to be purged. Instead of going for the cheapest, the cheaper solutions offer better value and you won’t have to spend a huge portion of your day cleaning your transcription content.

YouTube Auto Captions

Google rolled out in 2006 YouTube’s own version of captions, which made arrangements for its auto-captioning service three years later. But the truth of the matter is that even after a decade of its functioning, YouTube auto-captioning is yet to make a huge impact since its quality or accuracy is still regarded as moderate at its best. According to experts, YouTube auto-captioning service has an accuracy of around 50-80 percent, which is not good enough for the top brands in the world.

This is where third-party captioning services like Designrr make their presence felt. You can totally rely on the accuracy of such services, which not only saves your time but also cuts your effort quotient. Such solutions offer accuracy levels in the range of 95-99 percent, which literally solves all your problems with captions and transcriptions.

Copy and Paste Transcripts

One of the most commonly used ways to transcribing your YouTube videos is the old copy-paste formula. Many YouTube subscribers use Google’s Speech Recognition technology. There are many others who rely heavily on the video owners to offer a transcription of their videos and make it available for the readers. It allows you to simply copy and paste these transcripts in your content.

You can simply pull it off by clicking on the ‘More’ button below the video and select ‘Transcript’ from the menu. You may select your desired language and get the transcript with its timestamps. Once you have the transcript, simply select all and copy the text. You can then paste the copied text to any other software, including MSWord. One of the best things about this methodology is that YouTube highlights the word automatically that it feels confusion about. It makes your job of editing the transcript rather easier. Subtitles in grey colors are also the ones that might be wrong, so you can go directly to these grey areas and edit them manually.

Extract Captions and Transcripts

This method is mostly used by persons with technical knowledge. You can simply extract the transcript, edit it, and directly download it to any other application and software. You may do that by simply copying the URL of YouTube video and paste it on the DIYCaptions home page. While it creates your transcript on the next page, you can still monitor the progress by taking a look at the transcripts and matching it with the video.

Use Google Docs for Transcription

If you don’t have a transcript available with a YouTube video, you can still have its transcription with Google Docs. You can use Google Docs’ built-in voice typing feature to listen to the audio of the YouTube video and automatically type its content. You would be able to complete the task if you have made all the necessary technical arrangements. This process is going to take as much time as the length of the YouTube video.

The Final Word

Who doesn’t like watching YouTube videos? Especially, if you are looking to do a task that you have never done before in life, you need expert advice. In the absence of someone with expert advice, YouTube’s DIY videos are your go-to solution. By using the above-mentioned solutions, you would be able to get transcripts and captions of your desired YouTube videos, which you can further use for your blogs and social media posts.

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