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How to Formulate an Incredible Study Plan for Competitive Exams

It certainly isn’t easy to prepare for any examination that is touted as the “toughest examination to crack.”NEET is undeniably one of the toughest competitive examinations held each year in India. Millions of aspirants from all across the country appear for the NEET examination every year with an aim to make a mark in the medical field. From taking up online coaching for NEET to opting for a classroom based study program and formulating new preparation trends, they do it all. However, when the countdown to examination day begins, it almost becomes a scary affair for every aspirant. But, there’s a catch! If they have a smart study plan in place since the beginning, they’ll be able to finish the syllabus and revision well on time and will be confident enough to face the examination well.

Formulate an Incredible Study Plan

So, for all those who are aiming for NEET 2018, here we have some tips to prepare an effective study plan to score well. Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, these tips will surely help you.

Focus on Your Body Clock

Many students have a habit of ignoring the body clock. During the preparatory leave, they tend to pull an all-nighter and then sleep the next day till noon. If you are following the same pattern, stop doing it from today. Follow a normal sleep schedule and wake up early in the morning. Yes, your mom is right when she says, “whatever you study in the morning is well retained by the brain.”A time-based time table will give you enough time for revision each day.

Colour Coding

Whether you are preparing an online timetable or going the conventional way by making one on paper, make sure you colour code each subject. Colour coding will make it easier for you to navigate the timetable and find out if each of the subjects has a fair share of time allotted. In future, just a look at the colour will let you know which subject to study.

Create an Achievable Target

Don’t get into emotions while designing and planning your timetable. Set targets according to your capabilities and grip over the subject. Rather than merging all the subjects in a single time table, make a separate one for every subject chapter wise. Also, if you have opted for online coaching for NEET, make sure the table matches to what is being presently coveredin the coaching. Doing this, in a way you are revising what is being taughtand also keeping your mind away from confusion.

Focus on One Subject at a Time

Missing out on anything when aiming to crack is out of the question. Approach each subjectindividually so that you can be sure that you’ve covered everything. Also, make sure you are dedicating a realistic timeline to each subject and chapters within it. Also, devote some time for revision as well.

Create a Healthy Mix of Subjects

No one likes to study a single subject for straight 4-6 hours. Creating a combination of subjectseveryday will keep you away from boredom and will decrease the chances of you losinginterest in any subject. Also, if you are using digital aids like Aakash iTutor for preparation, make sure you create a healthy mix of video lectures, books, and assessments throughout the day.

Did we Mention BREAKS?

Many students tend to overkill their study schedule by putting subjects back to back. However, granted your mind a 5-10 minutes break between the schedule will be good for your mind and preparation as well. Also, giving yourself a good night’s sleep every once in a while, will prove beneficial to you.

Remember to put your best foot forward while aiming to crack the NEET examination. With a healthy balance of breaks in between the subjects will never overload your mind and you will be able to take the exam with full confidence and a positive approach. All the best!

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