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How To Fix Issues In iOS

iOS 12 issues will never fade away, at least till iOS 13 arrives. Although Apple keeps tight management on its platform, making both the hardware and the OS, there will always be some or the other problems.

How To Fix Issues In iOS

It only becomes more probable as you believe iOS 12 supports a huge series of iPads, iPhones, and iPods old and new. Within those bunches, there are even differences. And, while every update to iOS makes an effort to remove problems and include features, oftentimes problems will remain or new ones will be added.

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One major error with Group FaceTime that was seen in iOS 12 let users make the recipient device answer automatically, offering the user the ability to eavesdrop. And, while the newest upgrade was launched with security enhancements to deal with that particular problem, other iOS 12 issues are not addressed.

While there is still good reason for anybody employing older editions of iOS to carry on upgrading to the newest edition, just remember that you might need to make a backup point if your Apple machine is operating on a pre-update. You never know when an iOS upgrade will launch a new issue for your gadget, and it is simpler easier to rollback to a variant that was stable for you as compared to stick with a knotty iOS release until a fix rolls out.

If you do upgrade to the newest edition of iOS and encounter issues without any available backup, you can also attempt going forward with the help of a Beta edition.

Wi-Fi And Cellular Connectivity Problems

These are awful. After updating to iOS 12.1.1, consumers complained of being cut off from cellular data entirely or partially. This issue varied as per country or location. The only method they have been capable of getting online is employing WiFi.

Unluckily, it is not clear that none of the following updates, till 12.1.4, have provided a valid solution to the problem. An iOS 12.1.2 user tweeted about the mobile connectivity problem, and the issue has come into view in Apple’s forum.

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There is no solid solution beyond getting back to an earlier iOS version. To perform so, you might have to link your iOS gadget to a PC, using iTunes go to device settings, and retrieve from there. Some consumers have recommended trying to reset network settings navigating to Settings >> General >> Reset.

Users have also personally experienced problems with connectivity of Wi-Fi that might or might not be associated. Sometimes, the iPhone simply can’t link to a Wi-Fi network, while other times it will seem to link but actually stay on cellular data. Getting back to Wi-Fi settings displays no connection. Users even see no networks notification. It is also not certain how broad these problems are.

Cannot Import iCloud Backups

A specific problem for iPads has arrived from the fact that they did not get iOS 12.1.2 when it was given to iPhones. With many consumers phones upgrading automatically, the iPhones might be on a newer edition of iOS as compared to iPads.

For consumers trying to configure a new iPad from their iPhone’s iCloud backup operating iOS 12.1.2, the procedure simply would not operate. Users experienced this iPad import issue on 3 different models.

Without the iPad operating latest iOS, manually set up is the only method to get rid of this issue. Luckily, this issue must be sufficiently simple to prevent if you just upgraded both devices to the newest edition, iOS 12.1.4.

Issue With eSIM On iPhone XS, XR, And XS Max

If you have met with errors turning on eSIMs in your iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max handsets, good news: the iOS 12.1.2 upgrade has a solution. Apple did not launch very much detail for the new version of iOS in its notes, so expectantly this solves the specific eSIM problem you were experiencing.

But the upgrade is pretty new, and might not solve the extant error cited above, so be careful when upgrading.

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Your iMessages Are Sent To The Wrong Users

Here is a strange one: consumers are reporting that after upgrading to latest iOS, their iMessages are being transmitted to the incorrect people. There is minimum one palpable culprit here, but we do not quite know why: both the actual and intended recipients are all employing the similar Apple ID. Others are claiming everybody with the same Apple ID gets caught up into the similar group chat.

Why would various consumers in the first place be on the same Apple ID?

Perhaps because they belong to same family. Another consumer claimed that Apple did this deliberately (and did not tell anybody about it) to crumple all identities in your contact list connected to the similar Apple ID into one combined entry.

That follows some beta users of iOS 12 who witnessed various chat threads between plethora of contact options of a single user streamlined into a sole thread. A Twitter consumer confirmed this, stating Apple Support verified to them that this is on purpose.

While early fixes to the issue comprised decoupling iMessage from Apple IDs on a per-gadget basis or swapping Apple IDs to Family Sharing, as a forum consumer recommended, those solutions no longer required unless you do not update. This issue was solved with the new iOS 12 update.

iPhone XS Won’t Charge

The iPhone XS Max and are not charging correctly, as per some consumers, and it is spawned controversy in recent times. The issue has its very own nickname—chargegate.

You might have felt your iPhone not charging when it is connected in and asleep when you insert the Lightning cable into the handset. The provisional solution is to make certain you connect in your phone when it is lit and you see the visual charging animation and hear the charging sound.

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This is probably an iOS 12 issue that can be solved via a software patch. But it is something the firm has yet to acknowledge officially. We will update soon when we hear about an enduring fix to this issue.

Washed-Out Displays On iPhone X

Some users of iPhone X have stated on Twitter, Reddit, and forums that after updating to iOS 12, their screens’ colors look “washed out” or faded. While this has not been experienced universally, it is not clear why this is taking place at all. Consumers have earlier reported this problem going back to beta 1 of iOS 12.

A user posted pics of default pics set to 16-bit color that seemed vibrant earlier, but when set to the lock or home screen, reverted to 8-bit color and seemed “washed out.” He purportedly asked the firm why and got an answer from a different user, who claimed that the iPhone applies a filter to make content more readable.

Whether this is the actual culprit is not clear, so we will see if Apple has an official answer shortly. Some consumers have recommended switching off the “Increase Contrast” feature, which appears to have been switched on in iOS 12 by default.

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Elevated Battery Drain

One of the most spoken iOS 12 functions was enhanced performance for earlier gadgets, but some consumers are claiming that after the update, their iPhone batteries are draining quickly abnormally.

First, verify the health of your device battery to make sure that is not leading to the drain. If the maximum capacity is less than 85%, it might be time to change the battery. In this situation, it is a hardware problem.

Next, if it is a software problem, this new iOS 12 issue may actually be caused by an earlier issue we have witnessed earlier in the previous grand update to iOS 11. The interior reorganization provisionally taxes iOS gadgets and drains things quicker.

Essentially, when so much of the code is modified, the internal storage directory’s parts are arranged again and it takes a little extra effort for the gadget to find stored information and apps. If this is the reason for the drain in the battery, worry not: it has traditionally only taken a few days for handsets to get back to normal. If your handset does not adjust shortly, there is a possible fix originally cooked up to address the same problem taking place when upgrading to iOS 11: cleanly updating to iOS 12 after resetting the handset to factory settings and then restore.

But if that does not operate, you may try more drastic fix that consumers have recommended: reset the handset to factory settings, but do not restore from a backup or iCloud, rather cleanly installing iOS 12 and manually installing each app.

Other consumers are claiming erratic behavior with earlier handsets, such as uneven jumps in battery percentage and displaying various levels after restarting the device. It is possible that this is a bigger problem issue, so if you are still feeling the abnormal battery drain long after upgrading to iOS 12, you need to get help.

Apps Not Operating Well With iOS 12

You may find that after upgrading to iOS 12, some applications do not operate as fine as they used to. That is pretty usual, particularly after entering into a new complete edition of a mobile OS, and applications normally launch new editions that are well-matched with the upgraded OS. Just go to the App Store and verify to see if there is an upgraded edition of the app.

Precisely when each app upgrades is actually up to them. Applications with smaller groups might take longer to launch a new iOS 12-compatible edition. But abandoned or old applications might never be upgraded. A MacRumors forum post has a catalog of apps that might still have problems, although there is no assurance it will be kept brand new. If you are having issue with an application, go for the tried-and-true technique of uninstalling and installing it again; but if issues persist, you may just have to hang around for it to upgrade.

Hotspot Won’t Switch Off

This might or might not prove to be an extensive problem, but it is one that a media journalist personally saw. When directly linking an iPhone 6S to a PC that had earlier employed the handset as a hotspot, it automatically reconnected and remained connected, even after closing off the Personal Hotspot setting of the phone.

This can be a faulty setting on the carrier end (the editor saw it employing Verizon service), or it might only take place in earlier iOS devices. The editor was capable of fixing this problem by following guidelines that solved the “missing hotspot” problem present in an old beta of iOS 12: navigate to Reset Network Settings. This must stop your PC from connecting to hotspot of your iOS device automatically, although there may be other solutions out there for this problem.

Device Won’t Upgrade To iOS 12

Ah yes, the major problem of all: if your device is unsuccessful when updating to iOS 12. Various conditions may stop this from taking place, like not having sufficient memory for the install or employing an unsupported gadget (those launched in or more lately than 2013, like the iPad Air/Mini 2 or iPhone 5S).

If you are sure that your iPad and iPhone must get the new iOS 12 update, try working through support suggestion page of Apple to restrict the reason. If none of those recommendations work, you may try more involved method recommended by Apple.

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