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How to Find the Best Mobile Covers Online in India?

Well you have purchased a new smartphone after hours of research, asking your friends and technophiles.


A big question remains:-

What is the best mobile cover online suitable for me?

We are here to help.

We want a stylish mobile cover that also provides our smartphones the protection from abrasions, drops, falls, bumps and what nots. But with all these sites cropping up and so many varieties of phone covers available online it is hard to choose a mobile cover. At Blackbora , we are super obsessed about delivering quality product to our customer and satisfying their wants and needs. Here is a quick guide to choose the best mobile back cover.

Mobile Covers Online

What to consider while choosing the best Phone Covers Online in India?

Material of the Back Cover

Phone Covers are made up of multiple kinds of materials such as polycarbonate, PU, PVA, Silicone. With each having its pros and cons. But Polycarbonate is most preferable material for phone covers. The reason being, polycarbonate covers are really strong as compared to other materials yet they are decently flexible. At Blackbora we primarily deal with matte finished polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate’s main pros are that it will protect your phone from bumps and falls without adding too much weight to your phone.

Fitting of the Cases

What is the point of having a case for your phone when it does not fit your phone perfectly? Fitting holds utmost importance as a bad fitting would mean the phone would rock back and forth while usage of the device with the case. Secondly, if the fit is too tight, this would mean the access to buttons etc. would be hampered. Moreover back cover would leave scratches on your smartphone. So fitting of a phone cover is something you cannot ignore at all.

Access to Ports and Features of your smartphone

You have selected a mobile case made up of desired material and you know it will fit nicely based on the reviews etc. But another important thing to consider while buying a mobile cover online is to make sure that the cut outs of the case are neatly designed so as to have ease of access to ports and buttons. Many mobile cases in India come with a lip on the top of cut outs fur buttons and ports, which is restrictive in nature during usage of the phone. At Blackbora we only print cases without a useless lip near the cut-out, which means that you can press the buttons and use ports of your mobile phone without hindrance of any type.


Budget to purchase a mobile case is a very subjective thing and it more so depends upon how costly was your smartphone to begin with. At Blackbora the cases are decently priced at 399 INR with amazing offers running continuously, such as getting a cover free when you buy two covers. We all want best bang for the buck, thus having a decently priced mobile case is quite a priority as well. But it is recommended not to settle with too affordable cases available online which might prove to be costly later if your phone slips out of your hand. It’s really important to find a mobile case which is decently priced and yet it is stylish and durable.


Last but not the least, variety of designs is super important. You can have a look at host of stylish and funky designs of mobile covers available at Blackbora. We have more than 300+ designs which keep getting added daily. You can choose between panda designs, automotive designs, cute designs, designs with cute cats and dogs, patterned designs and if you have a passion for Indian textiles, we have cases with fabric patterns as well.

So, I assume after this article you are better equipped with knowledge such that you can make a well thought out design will buying mobile covers online in India. Feel free to comment down below if you have any doubts.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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