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How to Enhance the Appeal of Your Website

Websites are supposed to be the visual representation of a company’s profile. They should represent the business and what it stands for in the form of visual aides and related content.

However, not all websites are created equal. Some are built for practicality and to simply act as a home base, while others are built to attract an audience and make them stay to read the content.

If you were the CEO of a company, which type of website would you choose?

Of course, it is ideal to have a visually appealing website so that your audience would be inclined to stay and browse for more material.

With that being said, here are a few tips to enhance the appeal of your website to attract a greater audience:

  1. Add Cool Graphics

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These days, the people who are browsing the internet just seem to keep getting younger and younger. So to keep up with the younger audience, you have to follow the trends. To hold their interest, you have to make the website attractive by adding cool graphics.

You can also add short videos for introduction. When utilizing graphics, it is essential to use them wisely and appropriately. If your website is about food and wine you can add free short clips of food and drinks to your homepage so that people immediately have an idea of what your website is about.

However, do not go overboard as it can affect the loading time of your page and make it look crowded, cluttered, and unprofessional. This can turn people off and cause them to just leave. So use graphics sensibly.

  1. Use White Space Strategically

When building a website, do not be afraid of white space or empty spaces. There is no need to fill the screen with pictures and colors. Empty spaces are good as long as you use them properly. They can help you create a structure so that the website becomes easier on the eyes.

White space can also be very useful for your content. Content with bulky paragraphs often makes people switch off as they feel it would be tiring to read it. On the other hand, content with shorter paragraphs with white spaces in between appears more attractive to readers.

  1. Organize And Keep Content Up To Date

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There will be times when old content might become relevant again. So when that time comes, you have to make sure that the relevant content can be made accessible to your readers.

Organize your content so popular articles along with newer ones can be seen immediately. Place them on your homepage where visitors can instantly see them and click on them.

Writing interesting, new, relevant and original content will also help attract more readers. Adding royalty free videos might also be helpful since many visitors like to watch related videos while going through the content.

  1. Add Social Media Follow And Share Buttons

Follow and share buttons on your website will be helpful for finding you on social media. This will help in expanding your social media audience.

Adding share buttons will also make sharing your content on social media easier for your readers. If they share the content, there will be more people who will know about it, and this will increase the likelihood of your website being discovered.

  1. Use Appealing Colors

Colors are very important in a website, as the brain processes visual cues faster than you imagine. Although it takes more than just a passing glance for the brain to fully comprehend something, the subconscious part relies on first impressions to determine whether the information is interesting or not.

Colors attract attention and can connect to the brain’s subconscious. Thus, when designing your website, it is essential to choose the colors that will represent your website well and be eye-catching at the same time.

  1. Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly

Many internet users nowadays are using their mobile phones or tablets when browsing the internet. Thus, it is necessary that your website is mobile friendly.

Designing a beautiful website will be quite useless if users can’t access it on their mobiles. Remember, 80 percent of users accessed the internet through their mobile devices in 2019. So if your website is not mobile friendly, that’s 80% less audience for you.

  1. Differentiate Texts With Hyperlinks

When attaching links to words within your article, it is important to let your readers know that they can click on them by making these words appear different.

These words may lead to an authority website. Linking to established authority websites can greatly help with SEO. Linking within your website to contents that are related to that particular topic is also helpful to engage your readers, and can also help with your website’s SEO.

  1. Use Photos Consistent With Your Content

Using photos for your content will also help your readers better understand what the article talks about. There are a lot of free stock photos available for use.

However, make sure to be discerning when choosing. Opt for photos that are related to the content. Do not fill your content with photos that are irrelevant. Usually, one to three photos should be enough.

  1. Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

It is important that the navigation of your website should be simple so that visitors are encouraged to browse. Thus, when designing your website, take easy navigation into consideration and implement it. Make sure that the pages you want to promote can easily be accessed through visible buttons that lead to the said pages.

A navigation bar that categorizes your content will be helpful so users can easily find what they are looking for. A responsive design is also a great idea so that user experience won’t change too much when accessing the website through a mobile device.

  1. Be Found Through SEO

Efforts to enhance your website’s appeal would be put to waste if your website is difficult to find. Thus, part of enhancing your website should be creating an SEO strategy to make it easier to be found by your target audience.

Creating a strategy can be difficult without an expert to help you. So find yourself an SEO expert that can help you strategize. If you want to do it yourself, start by choosing your keywords. Creating original content with these keywords will help you get started with your SEO.

Using social media to get the word out about your website and content will also help you reach your target audience. The use of SEO paired with strategic use of social media will enable your website to get discovered more frequently on the internet.


When the internet started, websites were not such a big deal. They were just pages you could look up if you were searching for certain information. The look and appeal of the website did not matter as long as it had the information you needed.

These days, all companies big and small, have created a website that people can visit to get to know the company more. A website has become a calling card on the internet for people to look at and see if they want to have a relationship with the said company.

Thus, if you want to expand your business and develop a relationship with more customers, it’s time to enhance your website’s appeal by following the tips discussed above. Give it a try and see the difference that it can make for your website and business.

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