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How to Download Videos from Vimeo?

We are living in a time where the internet is not just a commodity but it is a necessity. And for everyone who uses the internet, there is no need to explain what video content is, as for most of internet users the internet is synonymous with watching videos for their device. Over the years, there is never a shortage of video content platforms. From, which is the first video hosting site launched in 1997 to the latest hundreds of mobile applications which are available today like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and other popular platforms which allow you to share and watch videos. We never run out of video content. Although YouTube is the popular platform for video streaming, presently other latest applications such Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and others are gaining attraction from the users.

These platforms allow you to watch videos online. But, sometimes you might like some video so much that you would want to download the video to watch it multiple times and share it with your friends. In this article, let us know how to download videos from Vimeo. We will discuss multiple ways that help you download videos from the internet, so make sure you go through the entire article.

Download Directly from the Vimeo:

Unlike other streaming apps like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo do have a Download option which allows you to download and save videos on your device and watch them offline.

You have to visit the Vimeo website or application and search for the video you want to download.

Download Videos from Vimeo

You can find the Download option if you scroll down the screen.

Download Option of Vimeo App

Vimeo offers a wide quality range where you can select the quality you want to download based on your requirement.

However, if you don’t see the Download option below the video. Then it indicates that the video creator has disabled the option.

But! There are some other methods using which you can download such videos too. Take a look at them.

Use Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool available on Windows OS. It helps you schedule and download videos from the browser. All you need to do is install an internet download manager on your PC and you have to install the IDM integration module on the web browser and restart the browser. Now you can find the IDM floating menu on the webpage of the video. You have to click on it, select the video quality, and download.

Use third-party websites

Although IDM is an efficient tool to help download videos, it offers only a limited 30-day free trial. You have to buy the premium version after the trial period. Nevertheless, there are multiple third-party websites available that help download videos from Vimeo conveniently for free.

Although this app is not officially offered by Vimeo, it helps you download your favorite video from Vimeo easily. To download the video, copy the link of the video you want to download. Open and paste the link in the search present on the screen and click on submit. Your video gets downloaded in mp4 format. is all type free, ad-free and secured apps you can use.

Vimeo-downloader is another Vimeo video downloader app available for free. You have to follow the same process as mentioned for You just have to copy the video link and paste the search bar and click on start. Video will be downloaded and saved in a drive. lets you download high-quality videos. In addition to this, this website allows you to convert videos into 420+ video formats. It also comes with an inbuilt editing tool that helps you to crop, trim, rotate, merge, and many more. Based on the hardware of your system, you can download video 47x faster. It supports bulk download and also helps you record the video. This website is completely safe, contains no ads, and is free to use.

Vimeo video downloader app


This is one of the popular video downloader apps. In addition to Vimeo videos, you can also download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and many more platforms using Keepvid. You just have to copy the URL of the web page and paste the link in the box present on the screen. That is it. Video will start downloading. You can download any number of videos for free, there is no limit. Keepvid supports video format conversions like mp4, mp3, 3GP, and many more. You can use Keepvid on all devices including Android and iOS. There are no in-app purchases involved. It is completely free to use, ad-free, and secure to use.


This is another free website that lets you download videos from Vimeo. You can download videos from several platforms using Similar to all the mentioned apps, you just have to copy the URL and paste into the submit box. This website lets you download and save the video in different formats like MP4, WebMV, etc. User interface is simple and straightforward which helps download videos faster. It involves no in-app purchases and is safe to use.

This is a list of free and efficient third-party apps which let you download any video from Vimeo easily. However, we don’t recommend downloading any private videos against the terms of the platform.

Bottom Line

It is no need to mention that not all of us would always have an internet facility on our devices. In such cases, the only option would be to watch videos that are downloaded on the device. So, you want to download and save the videos for the future.

Vimeo is one of the popular video-hosting and sharing platforms launched in 2004. Over the years, with its unique features and updates, Vimeo has gained over 200 million active users and 1.6 million premium users as of 2021. Several video Creators are showing interest towards the platform. As the number of creators is increasing, so is the quality content. You can find an ocean of useful and entertaining videos on Vimeo. When you see such content, it is obvious that you would want to save some content with you. I believe, now you know all the possible ways to do it. So download your favorite video and enjoy watching it!

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