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How To Develop A Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity In 2019

Ask any business owner out there and they’ll tell you that having a unique and memorable brand in identity is the key to success in 2019. Why? Well, with all the small businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having something that sets you apart can really make a difference. But how exactly do you develop a powerful brand for your business? Listed below are five tips that can help.

How To Develop A Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity In 2019

Design a cool logo

Many people believe that branding is all about having a logo that stands out. Even though they’re wrong and there’s much more to branding than a logo, you still need one if you want people to recognize your business. It’s a visual representation of your brand and something you’ll use everywhere from your website to your business cards. This is why you need your logo to be as versatile and memorable as possible. You can try to come up with a logo design yourself and then have experts in graphic design get the final version done for you.

Find your colour scheme

A business logo is just one piece of the puzzle and if you want it to really work, you have to combine it with a carefully-selected colour scheme. Colours play a huge role in the business world and if you take a better look at it, you’ll see that most companies have colour palettes they stick to. One of the reasons behind this is that colours are the key for conveying meaning and emotion. For example, if you’re running an eco-friendly business, using green in your branding efforts is a perfect way to convey your message. In case you own a fast food restaurant, using red creates a sense of urgency and makes people more likely to buy from you.

Get the label design right

Most of the time, your customers will interact with your brand through your product. The way they perceive your brand when they see it in a store is one of those things that can turn them into loyal followers of your brand. In order for this to happen, having a carefully-designed label is a must. A well-designed label is supposed to include your logo and typography customers will be able to relate to your brand. Luckily, there are experts such as those at Prime Labels who can help you get your label design right and provide you with labels in any size and shape.

How To Develop A Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity In 2019

Own social media

With more than 3 billion people on social media, it’s safe to say platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram play an important role in developing a brand. In fact, social media is one of those things you can use to make your business really unique. Most popular platforms allow you to directly communicate with your customers and the way you do it can impact your brand significantly. For example, you can use sassiness and humor like Netflix does and give your customers another reason to fall in love with your brand. Or you can take a more formal approach if you want your brand to be taken more seriously.

Decide on a purpose

This is one of those things that people simply forget about when it comes to branding even though it’s critical to how successful your brand will be. Every company out there needs to know who they are and what they want to achieve. Of course, this includes knowing who your customers are and why they need your product. For example, if you’re selling sports gear, you’ll probably want to focus on young athletes and everyone else who plays sports. This means your brand is supposed to be all about motivating people to practice the sports they play and keep working towards their goals. Kind of like what giants like Nike and Adidas are doing.

With the way things are at the moment, people don’t have long attention spans and they want to buy from brands that catch their attention almost immediately. This is exactly why you should think about following any of the five tips covered in this post. Let 2019 be the year you finally gave your brand identity a boost and started building a base of loyal followers.

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