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How to Deal With Conversion of Encrypted NSF to PST?

Encrypted NSF to PST

Lotus Notes is a recognized platform delivering multiple functions like emailing, calendar management, team rooms discussion forums, instant messaging, file sharing, micro-blogging, etc. But many users find rest of other functions useless because they hardly use these facilities. In such situations users try to switch to other emailing platforms like MS Outlook which is more user-friendly and cost-effective. There was a time when Lotus Notes was the only application available for internal communication, but later on many applications came into picture with distinctive features amongst which Outlook was more preferred. When such application switch is done at an organizational level, many things have to be organized.

Why Users Switched to MS Outlook At Large Scale?

Many organizations recognized that the expenditure they are spending on Lotus Notes can be utilized in some other productive aspect. Migration to MS Outlook not only reduced costs but also improved the collaboration amongst users and empowered organizations to grow globally. This transition was at huge scale and today also many users migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook to avail better integration and easy functionality. Lower operating costs and no maintenance charges was added benefit which made the transition more profitable. Tools provided with Outlook application were more beneficial and helped every type of users. All these things made the vision clearer and enterprises switched to MS Outlook. But the migration was not an easy task as old data had to be migrated to new platform as well.

How NSF Encryption Becomes Disadvantageous?

The most important issue is encryption of NSF file. This facility of encryption is very effective and if user wants a completely secured email platform then Lotus Notes is considered as best email application. The encryption is the main element through which the authentication is done. It reduced chances of any threat and provided users a secured environment. While using Lotus Notes this encryption phenomenon helped users a lot. But in the context of migration where users want to migrate same encrypted emails to MS Outlook, this encryption becomes a roadblock. This is because if NSF files are encrypted and users migrate it to MS Outlook application, there is possibility that because of encryption users will be unable to open emails in Outlook. In such scenario it is very much important that users must remove the encryption or decrypt it before the migration of emails is done to Outlook.

However later on, many products were developed to accommodate this type of conversion of encrypted NSF to PST. One of such products, which delivers high scale conversion of emails along with option of decrypting the encrypted email data is, SecuraSoft NSF to PST Converter. It helped multiple users to perform this transition of emails from Notes to Outlook smoothly. Such third party solutions can be utilized to perform the conversion of emails along with encrypted emails.

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