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How to Create an Ebook that Sells

Do you have a meaty subject that you need to explore and simplify? Do you want to write it in a format that is simple and easy to digest? Then an ebook is a right format for you to write in. There are many reasons why ebooks are great tools. One of the reasons is that with ebooks, there are no color limits or page limit.

However, if you want your ebook to sell, then there are certain things that you will need to do. You might have good contents but if you don’t deliver it in the right package, then your reads will not enjoy reading your ebook. So how can you make an ebook that sells? Here are tips to help you create an ebook that sells.

  1. The Title Page Should be Eye Catching

The reality is that readers will always judge a book by its cover. You should, therefore, make sure that the design of your cover page is very appealing. If you want your ebook to have a kick-ass first expression, then the title page should be eye-catching. When designing your title page, let the appearance of the title page be driven by the content of the book.

  1. Remember Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is as important as the title page. It is achieved by alternating the headlines, graphics and the size of your copy throughout the entire book. This will enable you to get the attention of your readers, especially on the most important pieces of information in the book. The visual hierarchy will also help your readers to be able to differentiate the main sections from the rest of the sections. Your readers will also be able to pull important quotes or tips from your ebook.

  1. Keep Your Design and Branding Consistent

Since your ebook cover design can get readers to download it, it is therefore important that you keep that design consistent throughout your ebook.

  1. Use Custom Graphics

Since brains love infographics, if you incorporate some custom graphics into your ebook can serve to drive the point home to your readers in a way that is more visual. They say that a picture is usually worth a thousand words. That’s true. Pictures also take up less space.

  1. Use Up Your White Space Sparingly

While designing your ebook, remember that less is more. White space should, therefore, be your friend. You should, therefore, think like a minimalist when you are putting filters and icons in your ebook. Your readers will love it.

  1. Chose Colors Wisely

The colors you use will play an important role in making your ebook to sell. You can use colors to highlight to your reader’s key pieces of information. Colors will also extend the visual language that your brand has to your readers.You should also use colors to guide your readers to different sections of your ebook.

  1. Make Your Ebook Shareable

If your ebook is great, your readers will obviously want to share it with their followers and friends. You can make the lives of your readers easier by including links on your ebooks that can allow them to tweet your content.

  1. Include Downloadable Content

A downloadable option is even better than a share option. You should, therefore, provide your readers with downloadable resources like spreadsheets that your readers can use. They will thank you for it.

  1. Make Your Ebook Unique

Your ebook should be a representation of your brand. It should, therefore, be unique. You should, therefore,use visual language strategically to make your ebook unique. You can also inject personality into your ebook through the use of fonts and layouts.


Not all ebooks are made and designed equal. That is why some ebooks sell while others don’t. The secret is usually on how you design your ebook and how you choose your colors. Looking to make your next ebook sell? You can follow these tips.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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