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How to Choose The Best Magento 2 Extensions For Your Ecommerce Business In 2020

The official Magento extension store is also known as the Magento marketplace, is an international resource for applications and services. The market is expanding Magento solutions with updated features and performance. The extension store is loaded with numerous Magento 2 extensions, which are launched frequently. Approximately 6000+ free and premium Magento 2 extensions are on sale in the Magento market. The Magento market is for all kinds of e-commerce businesses where you can find extensions relevant to your business. The extensions offer curated user experience in contributions from top brands and new trailblazers. Magento 2 extensions help you to improve your website, its speed, full-page caching, quick checkout process, better navigation, more mobile-friendly, unique functionalities, etc. It can look after your catalog pages with good speed. If the speed of your site improves, it will lead to better search engine optimization and more business.


But the extension store is loaded with so many extensions that it is challenging to choose the best Magento 2 extensions as per your business and website requirements. Here we have listed some tips to help you choose the right extension for your e-commerce business more productively.

Fix your purpose:

Begin the process of finding the best Magento 2 extension by thinking about the purpose and due to what requirements do you need. Magnetos offer numerous features and upgrades for your e-commerce business. But you need to be clear about your business needs, and if you are clear with that, you may know the advanced features you need from the marketplace. Also, once you are aware of your requirements, it so happens that you will find that feature in multiple extensions. Then, you need to compare the extensions to know which product is perfect for you and complete the needs of your business. Magento extensions will help you run your business faster than before and improve the website performance to offer a better user experience. Before making a decision about which Magento extension to purchase, make sure your requirements are clear so that the extension can be beneficial for your business in the most professional manner.

Look for a trusted provider:

There are numerous extensions in the market that provide similar features. So it is important to figure out which provider to get the extension from. It is believed that most of the customers will prefer purchasing an extension which is available at lower prices. It is not necessary that all cheap or expensive extensions give the best outputs. To judge the best Magento 2 extension for your business, you do the necessary research, like reach reviews, take opinions of fellow users, check the frequency of updates in the extension, communicate with the provider, etc.

Social media is a big platform where you will find reviews. The review doesn’t need to be elaborated. Look for reviews on channels like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Look for reviews regarding customer policy, privacy policy, about the company, etc. You may not come across reviews of the latest extensions, and so then you can get in touch with the salesperson to understand the features of the extension and pitch in your questions too.

Social media channels will also help you make discussions about the extensions and get opinions of other users about the extensions. Some of the platforms you can use for this purpose are Reddit and Magento Twitter community. These platforms don’t charge for such discussions, and you might come across some honest opinions from fellow users and experts, which will help you choose the best Magento 2 extensions for good providers.

You must also check whether your preferred extension is updated regularly. Find out if the developers are active enough to improve the necessary bug issues and add new features to the extension. It may happen that extensions are not taken care of after being released. Most of the Magento 2 extensions are launched recently, where you can check the frequency of updates done in the extension in comparison to earlier versions.

You can also talk to a provider and get in touch with a support team. You need to observe and understand from the conversation if they are trying to make a quick sale, or are they genuinely making efforts to make you understand the features, etc. Also, check if the sales support is a part of your package when you make a purchase.

Test the extension:

If possible, take a demo of your preferred extension to understand the quality and needed features of the extensions. Try and check both the front end and back end of the extension. See if it runs smooth, is easy to set up, and is as per your requirements. Also, not all extensions are just as you need for your online store, so you will have to make necessary adjustments and changes in the extension that actually is perfect for your business.

Check for Money Back Guarantee:

Before purchasing your Magento 2 extension for your online business, make sure you check the refund policy. In case you are not satisfied with services, then you can apply for the money back process. If you figure out that the provider doesn’t give a money-back guarantee, it’s better not to purchase the extension. Before taking a decision, you must go through the terms and conditions and other policies before getting a new extension in your store. Also check the money-back guarantee duration, so that you get sufficient time to try the demo and get a hang on it.

After following the above tips, you might get a clear idea of the specific Magento 2 extension is exactly what you want for your store. Magento extension can be expensive, but the excellent features are worth the cost. Sellers are improving Magento 2 extensions regularly. And that’s not it; the features will help you boost your online business and take it to a new level leading to a faster website and lead generation.

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