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A Detailed Comparison Between Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin – Complete Investment Guide

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency although it wasn’t really well known for several years. It is like any other currency anyway which can be used to buy, sell, and exchange products, services, savings, etc.

Comparison Between Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin

Check out the top differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin below:

  • Bitcoin Cash has cheaper transfer fees (about $0.20 per transaction). So, when you make BCH transactions, it helps you save more money in comparison to the BTC. In contrast to this, a BTC transaction will cost about $1 USD per transaction
  • BCH has change times faster. So, it does not take you 10 minutes to wait to validate a Bitcoin transaction
  • More transactions per second can be done by BCH. This means that BCH can be used concurrently by more people than with BTC

BCH (Bitcoin Cash) to BTC (Bitcoin) Conversion

For the BCH to BTC conversion, follow these steps:


Choose BCH on the left and BTC on the right; enter the number of BCH you would like to swap. Now you need to press the ‘Show All Offers’ button. (The amount shown here can differ with the actual amount you receive after the conversion).


Here you have to choose the best Bitcoin Cash (BCH) swap to Bitcoin (BTC).


Provide your Wallet Address for Bitcoin (BTC). After the order is complete, you should receive your Bitcoin in that wallet. Please double-check the address before pressing the Next button and read the words.


Here it shows the exchange’s Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address. Now, you have to send BCH to that address from your wallet.


Once the exchange receives your BCH then the Bitcoin (BTC) conversion will be initiated. With easy-to-access links, track your transaction at the blockchain.


The transaction is over, and you can now check your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Note that while the transaction is complete, in some cases your wallet will need some additional confirmations to display the funds received. What you can do is waiting for your coins to turn up.

BCH to BTC Conversion Price Details 

1 BCH offers you 0.02560026 BTC, where you’ll understand exactly how much Bitcoin you own once you’ve converted.

Convert BTC (Bitcoin) to BCH (Bitcoin Cash)  using the following steps:

  1. Select the coins BTC and BCH to see all details. This will include all the details to convert BTC to BCH.
  2. Choose the exchange you want.
  3. Enter your BCH wallet address to obtain the number converted, and press ‘Next.’ This will build your order and show a coin BTC address.

BTC to BCH Price Details 

1 BTC gives you 39.06209715 BCH, which gives you the exact amount of BCH that you own when you convert 1 BTC to. The average exchange value of the BTC to BCH is 39.66992231 and the minimum exchange value is 43.25783093.

All these improvements are due to a block of Bitcoin Cash (in the blockchain) being eight times larger than a block of Bitcoins. That makes BCH faster, less costly, and more flexible than Bitcoin. Because of this, Bitcoin cash is getting more and more adopted by the day.

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