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How to Build Your Strong NFT Community on Twitter in 7 Steps

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms, ranking 15th in terms of number of users. As of June 2022, Twitter has approximately 450 million monthly active users, with a 237 million daily monetizable active users (dMAUs). Twitter is also one of the leading platforms to build a NFT community, which are online communities with a small number of members who join the group by purchasing, minting, or otherwise obtaining an NFT from the group’s collection. Most NFT projects have a noticeable presence in Twitter, ramping up followers and marketing their product using Twitter’s algorithm of high level of user engagement. So evidently, people eye to grab this opportunity to market their NFT collection and build a community of like-minded people. Here are 7 easy and proven steps to follow to effectively build your NFT community in Twitter:

NFT Community on Twitter

1. Set goals and objectives

It’s crucial to have a vision and a strategy for what you want your NFT project to achieve. Find your niche to make a project and its ideas stand out from the crowd; this is its foundation. The project’s scope will determine its scale, but there won’t be a community until others support your ideas. Successful NFT projects go beyond the realm of art; they focus on appealing to a certain audience and generating a particular feeling.

2. Know how to deal with your Audience

A report suggests that more than 44% of active internet users use social media platforms to know about brands and what they stand for. Twitter’s high level of user engagement allows you to interact with your audience and help you micro-target them. That is why knowing your audience is a must, because you need to find like-minded people to run a successful NFT community. These insights will also help you to acquire NFT Twitter followers.

From the very first, you need to build trust with your NFT community members. You must communicate each and everything with them clearly and precisely and need to be consistent with schedules and deadlines. You must also be available for them anytime, so you can appoint moderators or managers for that. Be receptive to criticism and pay attention to what other people have to say.

3. Engage with your community

Engaging with your community properly is the key to success for any twitter community, especially NFT communities. So, you need to allocate time for your community, replying to their tweets, retweeting, and loving relatable contents, reply to dms and addressing their queries and feedbacks. This will make your community feel valued and they will commit themselves more whole-heartedly to the community. Many managers leave out the dms and don’t reply there consistently, but many of your potential community members and audience might get a personalized feel in asking their queries and communicating through dms rather than a twitter thread so you need to address it properly as well. Now engaging with your community doesn’t necessarily need to be confined with queries and feedbacks, you can arrange a number of events which will strengthen your NFT community.

Ask Me Anything or AMA is an interactive question-and-answer session, which provides you with the chance to communicate with other members of the NFT community. As a result, the audience will think that the NFT initiative is being led by a real person or group, giving it a voice. You can further incentivize the community to engage more by rewarding the most interactive participants. Besides, you need to be humorous too to engage better with the audience. The NFT community members are there for business, but a little humor doesn’t kill, rather makes it livelier. So, you need to pay attention to details to figure out what the community will vibe on together and plan accordingly. You can arrange competitions where you assign your community members certain relevant tasks and reward the winners with some free NFTs. You can opt for creating POAPs or Proof of Attendance Protocol, which is a rather new way of verifying attendance to an event through collecting digital badges. Giving rewards to the greatest number of POAP holders monthly or quarterly in your community will also further motivate them.

4. Use Visuals to Get More Traction

Visual content, like photos, illustrations, infographics, videos, helps your content to stand out and get better traction in social media as they easily grab people’s attention as proven historically. In twitter, tweets with images are more likely to get engagement as it helps people remember better, meaning people are more likely to retweet it and share it with their connections if they find it relatable. So, when you’ll be promoting your NFTs on twitter, it’s best to add interesting visuals and attractive graphics of high-quality with it to grab more attention of your audience which will also showcase what your NFT represents. This will help to deliver your project’s message to a larger audience in a lesser time and if the visuals are relatable enough, will increase the visibility of your NFT project. So this is a proven way of growing your NFT community, and especially more as it concerns NFTs.

5. Utilize Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags helps your tweet to be more visible in your audience’s feed and get more engagement and potential followers on twitter. When people search for trends or any specific topic that’ll cater to their demand, posts and profiles with similar hashtags will come out on top in the search results. That is why, you need to keep a tab on trending hashtags as well as which hashtag to use that matches your content and NFT project so that it is visible to like-minded NFT enthusiasts for your community. But this doesn’t mean putting random hashtags that don’t provide any value, else your content will look like more of a spam. You can use hashtag analytics to identify communities relevant to NFTs and see the kind of hashtags they use.  Another good way is to follow the bios and posts of relevant influencers or big names of your niche to see the hashtags that they’re using. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier to put the more relatable hashtags to get noticed by your target audience.  

6. Opt for collaboration

Collaboration can help you find relevant members for your NFT community by enhancing your reach. Though collaborating with influencers is the most popular form right now in social media, but you need not limit yourself within this necessarily. You can also collaborate with artists, musicians, and other relevant professionals whose niche is NFT. You an even opt for creating partnerships with other promising NFT projects of different NFT communities or well-known brands in the NFT industry to reach their audience as well, which will bring your community and ideas together. This will validate your project and enhance visibility which will ultimately lead your NFTs to the people you want to reach to grow your NFT community. After selecting an influencer or another professional to collaborate with, you need to guide them properly and share your overall project to them. Being rigid and adding limitations for them won’t help, rather you can make them understand what specifically you’re looking for. You can offer them commission on any sales generated to incentivize them and motivating them to put their whole heart in your project. Make sure to create some goals and objectives for the collaboration campaign and track their progress for future references.

7. Use TweetDeck

The social media dashboard tool TweetDeck is used to manage Twitter accounts. Initially a stand-alone application, TweetDeck was later acquired by Twitter Inc. and included into the Twitter user experience. It enables you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single location and allows you to access all of Twitter’s features in a highly customizable dashboard setup, including multiple timelines and lists. You can create columns for your main timeline, notifications, direct messages, scheduled tweets, lists, and other things to make sure you don’t miss anything important or trending and to make it easier for you to manage a variety of NFT-related content. It is the best platform for scheduling tweets and arranging a day’s worth of tweets only takes a few minutes, enabling you to interact with your NFT community more effectively.


To grow a good NFT community in Twitter, you need to be authentic and real and deliver value to your community. If you communicate everything properly with your community and hide nothing from them, they will support you and your community will grow. People in your community need to feel that they are your priority, and they are getting something of value by being a part of your NFT community. Twitter is a great platform to promote your NFTs and grow a community, but it is not always easy to start with. Your NFT community also won’t grow just by any chance, rather planning beforehand and following the above guidelines will help you reach a larger audience for your NFT project, build your community, and grow beyond. These steps often require a small-time commitment with consistent efforts, so once you get the hang of it, sky’s the limit.


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