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How to Become an Established Youtuber

Youtube popularity is growing at a quicker rate, and the reputation of its active content creator is also increasing with it. According to the experts behind every famous and successful vlogger are hard work and a long endurance journey. Besides, we have witnessed many YouTubers do it and become famous worldwide.

How to Become an Established Youtuber

Meaning, becoming a YouTuber from scratch and growing it to something special is not difficult; it seems like a lucrative profession and fun. Generally, people are making a lot of money through youtube, and you are not exceptional.

However, without a supportive guide it is not easy to become an established YouTuber. Fortunately, I have provided a dependable, beneficial, and easy checklist of how to become a YouTuber.

How much do a YouTuber earn?

Of course, this is among the burning questions I usually come across with countless individuals. It is entirely possible to earn quite a considerable income with Youtube. However, the amount of money the creators make on youtube is based on someone’s business plan he/she has wrapped around the channel.

Besides, among the most successful YouTubers create content, sell products, and learn how to monetize their impact in other related ways. But, in-common YouTubers make money from the below five beneficial revenue streams:

(a) Affiliate links

(b) Products

(c) Sponsorship

(d) Paid content and Donations

(e) Advertising

Regardless of that, numbers will probably vary slightly depending on someone’s channel; you can earn some dollars with your thousands of views. Overall, many Youtubers make around 18 dollars for 1,000 ad views. And this works out to about 5 and 3 dollars per 1,000 video viewers but depending on your youtube channel.

The highest-earning Youtuber 2020 took an estimated 29.5 million in one year, Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old. Therefore what you will earn on youtube will depend on your interest, time, money, and focus on attracting more audiences in the type of content you choose to offer on Youtube.

How to become a YouTuber

1.Follow your passion

The one and common thing established YouTubers have is the passion for what we intend to do. You should, by nature, love creating content and share it with your fans. Also, ensure the content is much engaging, so your audiences stick around for long.

However, it can be challenging and hard to create engaging videos without genuine passion. Passion is infectious. And that is why even boring topics improve to tremendously successful on youtube. Therefore, if you plan on creating a youtube channel based on something you are enthusiastic about, I tell you your passion for it will start shining through.

2. Create a Youtube channel that stands out

Do you need to be a successful YouTuber? Take it seriously. Further, it would help if you have a full package and why a channel stands outcomes in. Eventually, people cannot be impressed once they click on your track and find it uninspiring and looking dull.

Consider brightening things up via some fine–quality youtube art. Plus, you can also make a unique and personalized banner that gives your visitors more information about what you do, who you are, and many other related bios. Once you catch their eye, you will grow your chance of getting more subscriptions within a brief period.

Additionally, consider adding a photo of your favorite design and show your fans how you look. This will make them remember you. Also, you can add calm and reasonable music within your videos to set a tone of how you intend your audiences to feel.

3. Assess your equipment

The equipment you utilize will determine the quality of the video you produce. Thus have a clear idea of the best equipment you require to present something lovely to people. However, you don’t have to invest in costly equipment at the start; get something that offers your quality and explicit content. For example, you will need video editing software, a screen recorder, etc.

4. Choose your target audience.

In essence, when creating a youtube channel, consider targeting specific audiences. Think about some essential factors like gender, age, and occupation before making your decision. Generally, it would be better to focus on audiences with almost the same gender and age as you since it becomes easier to collaborate with them.

You can virtually ask your friends what they would like watching because their different answers will give you an excellent insight into what your peers love. However, the most popular and engaging categories on many Youtubers include travel, fitness and health, gaming, science, music, sport, beauty, kids, and food. You can never go wrong with these categories.

5. Develop personal branding

Once you have decided on your content, start thinking of developing beneficial personal branding. Find exceptional selling points which relates to a specific niche you have selected and begun owning. At this point, while you create more contents, you will probably get a chance to build your reputation to that specific aspect of your youtube channel.

Besides, if you are making it on youtube, choose something which will set you apart from other related YouTubers. Take your subject and consider approaching it from a new angle. Go to extreme detail and provide the most valuable and unique content for your audiences. Remember, the angle you take will ultimately depend on the topics you typically create your videos around.

6. Plan your content

Before recording videos, first think about how your content will appear to function in 1 year time, one month, and one week. Ensure you know the primary direction you intend to take your channel in and create videos that are in sync with it.

Besides, video series is an attractive way for making engaging content. Consider creating a fantastic story that leaves fans waiting for you to come back. Find out what successful channels are doing and try to learn some tips, but don’t flat out copy anyone.

Decide what your content will entail. If it is a beauty routine, you may develop makeup challenges, product reviews, makeup tutorials, and other related content.

7. Upload your first video and learn from it

After you have set everything above and optimized the channel, start creating and uploading videos. Select from your specific content idea checklist; create an impressive video that can immediately capture audiences’ attention. Remember, no matter the much effort and time you’re put into the first video; it can be all that perfect.

The challenge experienced by every aspiring so that one doesn’t lose hope. Overcome it by leaning through it. At this point, observe how audiences are responding to it, their complaints, their likes, and their valuable feedback on how you should improve your next videos. And now you will be ready to go.


The above are the initial steps you need to consider before starting the journey of becoming a Youtuber. Thus, use the comprehensive guide to build a robust foundation and become a fruitful YouTuber. Good Luck

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