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How To Bandage Your Dog Using Kendall Bandages

Dogs are very mischievous and playful little rascals and are always getting into trouble. This makes them prone to injury, and hence, you have to be ready when this happens.

When they get injured, the following are some of the tips you can use to bandage your dog.

How To Bandage Your Dog Using Kendall Bandages.

Get Kendall bandage supplies.

Ensure that you have all the supplies that you need before you start bandaging your dog. This is because the injury could be causing a lot of discomfort to the dog thus making it difficult to manage it. Ensure that the first aid kit has a Kendall cohesive bandage which is considered the best for animals with fur.

The right amount of tension

Ensure you are aware of the right amount of pressure to apply on the injury. You would not want to apply too much stress causing the wound to swell and escalate the damage.

Apply the bandage

Before you apply the bandage, ensure that the injured area is clean to prevent any buildup of bacteria. You can use apply an absorbent nonstick pad before you put on the Kendall cohesive bandage. You can also use some gauze and repeat the same above procedure to ensure that it’s not too tight.

Observe the bandage for tightness

If the bandage is not too tight, then it is likely to fall off. If the bandages are too tight, you should be able to notice swelling after dressing; also, the dog will keep chewing on the dressing, acting aggressively or a foul smell comes from the dressing. If it’s too tight, its advised to remove it and start over.

Use a cohesive vet wrap

A cohesive vet wrap means a bandage that does not stick to the surface of the skin. Kendall cohesive bandages are perfect as they ensure that the gauze is covered as well as ensure medical devices such as the IV are held in position.

Try keeping the bandage on

Dogs are very annoying with bandages as they are always trying to bite of the bandages. Therefore, you have to ensure that the bandage is on. Regular checks will come a long way in ensuring the bandage is on at all times.

Give garters a try

Put garters on the tail or limbs of the dog. You can also put a garter tape to ensure that the bandaging process is in place and keep the bandage in place.

Try stirrups

These help in keeping the bandages in place because of the fur. They are similar to the garters. You should be careful not to use too much of it as can cause skin irritation.

Prevent chewing on the bandages

You can achieve this through the use of chew prevention cohesive wrap which is wrapped in layers over the Kendall bandage, therefore, preventing them from chewing it. This is because the prevention wraps have a bad smell and test that is not appealing to the animals and thus will not chew off the bandage.

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