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How to Avoid Wrist Pain when Typing 

As more and more people type for work or school on a computer, wrist injury is becoming increasingly common due to abuse of the keyboard. This starts with tingling and numbness in the hand and can get so intense that some people may even need surgery. It begins with tingling and loss of feeling in the side, and can become so intense that some people may need surgery. 

Typically, it’s due to an injury to the nerve that passes through the wrist, but other computer-related injuries include issues with the neck and back, as well as eye-strain from looking at an unsuitable device.

Beware Of The Stance

If necessary, adjust your chair and test the position. In order to avoid any back strain, your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Your eye-level computer should be on. Ideally, your head should be aligned with your spine, your knees should be over your feet, and your pelvis should be turned slightly back to rest on your sitting bones. Hold loose your arms. 

Always hunch over your screen and take extra care when using a laptop and pay attention to your posture. If you’re doing a lot of laptop work you might consider buying a wireless keyboard. Think of playing a piano when you type in to get the correct position. Don’t drop those wrists.

The Keyboard’s Location 

It’s important to have your chair at the proper height when setting up your computer workstation. You want to make sure that your wrists don’t rub against the hard edge of a table or desk and you don’t have to bend them to reach the keyboard too far. Placing the keys at the same level as your elbows on a flat surface will help you with that. You can also have it down your elbows slightly, but it should never be higher.

Your Hands As You Type 

It’s suggested that you remove any chunky jewelry such as bracelets or heavy rings before you start a keyboarding session. Many people like to stretch the muscles both before and after typing in their feet, palms and forearms. 

It is important that hands are held in a neutral position. Most individuals notice that as a result of turning towards the pinkies or thumbs their wrists turn inwards or outwards. This leaning allows the hand to cross the keyboard diagonally. To prevent wrist injury you must type straight with your hands and wrists. That is one reason why it is good for an ergonomic keyboard. You don’t have to pull your elbows in by separating the keys so that they are wider apart, so your arms will stretch straight out. 

Quick tips for avoiding injury

  1. Maintain proper posture. 
  2. Set up your workstation correctly.
  3. Pay attention to the position of your hands.
  4. Monitor your technique.
  5. Stretch your muscles before and after typing.
  6. Use Keyboards that is good for typing.


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Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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