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How Technology Is Shaping Future Business

Modern technology has really helped to shape business processes, making it easier to solve challenges and complete daily tasks. From project work to payroll and accounting, there are even modern technologies to help you complete tax forms. Here’s just some of the ways technology is helping shape the future of business.

How Technology Is Shaping Future Business

Artificial intelligence

Who would have thought that some elements commonly associated with sci-fi films have, or will, become real in just a few years to come? We already have bots talking to customers online, 3D printing and self-flying drones, which may just be the beginning of the automated world we are stepping into. With these technologies growing in the agriculture, retail, engineering and architectural industries, the growing demand for the new and exciting is becoming more apparent and not without added pressures.

Employee safety on the road

Even in the fleet industry, technology has seen development with the safety of passengers and other road users becoming more apparent. Dash cams are now becoming a staple in many vehicles and parking aids make it useful for drivers to maneuver larger vehicles. Fleet vehicles have even used technology to enhance passenger comfort. From air-conditioning to entertainment systems and wi-fi, these modern improvements are just the beginning when it comes to updating the vehicles we drive today. 

Building on collaboration

Many modern day businesses have embraced the chance to do away with traditional hierarchies to develop a more collaborative approach to working. Through hot-desking and remote working, businesses can operate in a flexible way, supported by online platforms and, in some cases, without the need for vast and expensive office space. Software such as Slack can be downloaded onto any connected device, which means a project can be built up by employees around the world, speeding up productivity in the process.

Remote communication

With a smartphone stuck to everyone’s hand, it’s safe to say we’re not shy when it comes to trying out the latest communication technology. But with innovative ways to connect, from messaging, video calling, photo sharing and of course, social media, businesses are able to use this to their advantage – reaching people on the go and speeding up feedback.

Long gone are the days where emails take three days for a reply, as offices around the country are taking to instant message services. In the future there may not be a need to hop on a plane for a business meeting, as remote video conference calling has come along way from fuzzy screens with inaudible sound. You can now connect anywhere, at any time, on any device, and still achieve the same quality as a face-to-face board meeting at minimal cost.

Our working lifestyle is adapting to the constant connectivity we need to increase output, which has seen a growth in products that help support portable working for a higher productivity rate.

The way we work, communicate, travel and the scale and scope of the technology available to us has not only transformed business but it continues to do so too.

John Paul
John Paul
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