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5 Benefits Of In-House Servers

If you are in the business world or new to the industry then you probably heard about In-house servers. Maybe you have an idea of what a server is, but what exactly is an in-house server? In-house servers are fully owned hardware and servers and as its name implies, it is physically located within the business or company property.

With the fast pace of technological advancement, in-house servers become “old” and new types of servers come to steal the spotlight. Most small or mid-sized companies are beginning to doubt an in-house servers’ ability and in the midst of turning to modern cloud-based servers.

5 Benefits Of In-House Servers

Although it is quite true that in-house server does have some disadvantages, it does have several good benefits to offer in order to keep up with modern servers.

  1. Less expensive

An in-house server’s initial cost is quite expensive. Yes, it is. However, what is great about it is that initial cost instantly goes back over time. In the long run, your business can save a lot more when you choose to run an in-house server. You do not need to pay any monthly fee for any hosting services or be fooled to pay any hidden cost that usually comes in cloud servers. Moreover, you can decide when to have it online instead of leaving it 24/7 can give you more savings.

  1. You have control

Yes, you do. It is a very important benefit of having in-house servers that should never be taken lightly. Unlike cloud servers, you have all the control over your data. You will decide what data should be collected, how it will be stored and organized and what should you do with the collected data.

With your very own server, you do not need to agree to any terms like that of cloud server contracts, instead, you dictate your own terms. You literally own the information. With this, you will not likely end up in legal issues concerning data storage. Depending on your industry, there are some places that are subjected to regulations of the government in regards to collecting and storing certain information. With in-house servers, you can keep all data private and have maximum security.

  1. Customized analytics

Unlike the standard analytics report, in-house servers can help you customize collected data and analyze it in a way that can give more meaning to your business. It gives you the ability to look for possible aspects of your business that needs improvement and increase your customers’ satisfaction. If you own an online shop, for instance, you have the ability to collect any information or data on what your visitors and customers are looking for or how they interact with your website. By customizing the data you like to target, you have the ability to dig as deep as you want whether it customer intelligence or the latest and current marketing trends that can help boost your sale and your business to the top.

  1. Scaling

You need a server upgrade? Sure, go on! You think your server is still at its best? No problem! You can upgrade next time. In-house servers can be scaled up anytime you want. You have the authority for it. This simply means that you are the one to decide whether you should upgrade your servers or not. You can grow your server anytime you see fit and offer a complete flexibility in your data storage.

  1. Offline access to data

No internet connection? That’s okay. Annoying internet crash all the time? No worries! Unlike cloud servers, in-house servers offer a great benefit when you are experiencing slow WiFi connection or constant internet crashing. You can still access your data all the time and work even if you are offline which can be very critical during outages.

Moreover, unlike cloud servers, in-house servers do not have any 3rd party that can access the information you have. This is quite important for anyone who deals with critical data and wants to prevent any unauthorized access and misuse of certain data.

Bottom line:

In-house servers are not “old”. Like the modern technology, they too, constantly upgrade to be able to keep up with new server trends. Moreover, in-house servers do have characteristics and benefits that other types of servers do not have. For any business who wants to own their information and have the budget for the initial cost, in-house servers can really serve them well.

So if you are thinking of having an in-house server, EMPR can give you good options. We are selling HPE parts, particularly HPE server parts that can help your business store large amounts of information. If you are interested in our products, you can always contact us via e-mail or call to telephone numbers 1300 134 324 for inquiries.

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