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Easy Ways To Unlock An Iphone

Nowadays, people put a password on their smartphones to protect their private details. For those who own an iPhone, they can carry it easily in their pocket since it has become like a mini computer. It is irritating when you forget your iPhone password, or someone tampers with your password without your knowledge. Once you exceed the number of logins to your iPhone, it will send a message “iPhone disabled.” You may be stuck with a pressing issue and you need the information from your iPhone; this is where you start looking for an alternative.

Easy Ways To Unlock An Iphone

There are several ways to unlock an iPhone if you ever find yourself in such a situation:

1. Unlocking iPhone by Tricking Siri

  • Unlocking your iPhone with Siri is easy since no data will be lost. All you have to do to activate Siri is to hold and press down the home button. Once activated, it will respond to your voice. Tell it to open the world clock. It will display the clock on the screen. You will have to select the tune you want for the alarm and once you select it, it will display “buy more tunes“. You will open the iTunes store and from there you can reach the main screen of the iPhone. From there you can access your phone once again.

2. Unlocking iPhone Using Find My iPhone

  • This is another easy way to unlock your device. Using a computer, you will connect your iPhone using a universal serial bus (USB). You will open iCloud. Com/find, sign in with your Apple Id, choose the option of “all devices.” You will see your phone listed, click on it and click “erase all data.” The data will be erased including the password. However, your device is able to reboot and restore all your data afresh.

3. Unlock iPhone Using iTunes

  • Using iTunes to unlock your iPhone will erase all data and the password as well, but it can be restored back. You will connect the device to your computer using USB. Synchronize your device with the computer and wait. Once it is done, click on backup and your data will be recovered.
  • However, the above trick will only work if you had connected your iPhone to the latest iTunes. If not, ensure your computer has the latest iTunes. Connect your iPhone using a universal serial bus (USB). You will put your device into recovery mode and once finished, you can connect the iTunes to your iPhone and follow the above steps.

4. Unlock iPhone Using Dr. Fone

  • There is certain software one can use to unlock an iPhone, for more details visit You will install Dr. Fone on your computer. Connect your device to the computer using the lightning cable. Dr. Fone will detect your iPhone details, proceed to erase your password. You will click on the fix now button not forgetting to uncheck “retain native data” since this will delete all your data.

You can use several methods to unlock an iPhone depending on the type; the above are just easy guidelines for unlocking all types of iPhones. It is wise to stick to one password to avoid all the hassle of needing to unlock your device.

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