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How Most Brain Injuries Are Sustained In Pennsylvania

Your brain is the epicenter of your entire body, without it, nothing else would function. It stands to reason that when someone suffers from a traumatic brain injury, it changes their entire life. If you or someone that you know has sustained a traumatic brain injury, finding Philadelphia TBI lawyers can mean the difference between suffering and getting the settlement you need.

Brain Injuries Are Sustained In Pennsylvania

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, is an injury that permanently damages the brain or some of the components of the brain. This can be a hit to the head that causes swelling, a car accident in which the individual has their head injured, or an injury that is the result of a fall. A traumatic brain injury can affect fine motor skills, the ability to talk or walk, and can even change the personality of the individual that sustains it.

It can be a permanent condition, or it can be something that gradually resolves over time with intense therapy and continued care. These injuries are serious, they change people and they change their lives dramatically. A settlement can be used to pay for medical bills, ongoing care and time off of work while you recover.

What Causes Most Traumatic Brain Injuries in Pennsylvania?

The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries in the state of Pennsylvania is car accident and slip and fall accidents. With car accidents head injuries and brain injuries are very common. With the impact of a car, the head is going to be thrown either forward or backward, side to side. This can do a range of things to the brain.

For starters, when your brain is thrown around inside your skull it can cause swelling of the brain and brain stem which can cause the individual to clack out or to become confused, it can also cause lasting damage to the brain and can cause pain and suffering that is very difficult to overcome. A car accident can also cause concussion which can have lasting negative effects on the individual.

With a car accident you also have to take into account the possibility of brain bleeds and hemorrhaging which can then cause lasting damage and can change the personality of the person that was affected and can affect how they are able to do things and how they are able to function in their day to day lives. Brain injuries are something that does not heal in a day or two or even in weeks.

It can take months, even years in some cases for brain injuries to heal which can make it difficult for individuals to live their daily lives and can make it hard for families to take care of them as well. With brain injuries, it often requires things like physical therapy, speech therapy and even therapy to be able to walk and do normal day to day activities again and back to normal life.

With slip and falls and other personal injuries, your head can get hit which can then cause concussion, brain swelling, pain, issues with vision, and so much more. When you slip and fall and hit your head, the main issue is going to be swelling in the brain where the brain knocks against the skull as your head hits a hard surface. Depending on how hard your head hits, these injuries can range from very severe, to mild.

It really does depend on how hard you hit your head in order to determine how bad the brain injury is and how to handle taking care of it. With any traumatic brain injury, it is crucial to get help as soon as the problem occurs so that your doctor can start treatment and start mitigating the damage as soon as possible. The faster, the better as leaving the brain swollen can cause permanent damage and can even result in death in some cases.

What Can an Attorney do To Help?

When dealing with a brain injury, the last thing you are going to be worrying about is how to file a suit and how to proceed with a claim. In all honesty, you may not be thinking about anything as you struggle to recover and struggle to get back to where you were prior to the injury. With any sort of brain injury, hiring an attorney early on is going to help you build a case so that you can rest and recover and so that you can stop worrying.

An attorney is going to be able to collect necessary information for your case so that you can stop worrying and so that you can just think about recovering and getting better. When you are suffering from a brain injury, the last thing you want to worry about is what doctor reports are needed to file a claim, where to get witness statements and how to go about making a thoughtful and well planned out case.

With the right attorney you can lay back and focus on getting better while they work with you and your medical team to build a solid case so that you can get the settlement you need to pay your existing bills, make up for time off work, and take care of the cost of continuing care after you get home, and after you are released from the hospital.

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