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Are Large Household Appliances Covered by Lemon Law?

As they say, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade,” but what happens when the large household appliance you bought to help make that lemonade is itself, a lemon.  Life can be complicated.  As such, for the protection of consumers in the Golden State, California legislators have built in legal protections designed to shield customers from an array of shoddily made products that might make their way into your home.  While everyone knows that there are Lemon Laws are available to protect them from a vehicular purchase gone wrong, few people know that that same law protects California consumers when it becomes obvious that they have purchased a large household appliance that is a lemon.

Household Appliances Covered by Lemon Law

Protections Afforded by The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

Shoddy workmanship does not materialize solely on the automotive factory floor, so as part of the larger Lemon car protections afforded under the state’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.  As the law’s title implies, consumers with active warranty, regardless of whether the lemon is a vehicle or a refrigerator can avail themselves of the law’s protection.

Indeed, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides for a consumer protection carve out when it comes to coverage of large home appliances.  Under the proviso, “Home appliance” references any freezer, refrigerator, dishwashers, trash compactor, area air-conditioners (room), oven range, microwave oven, garbage disposal, washer/dryer units.  The measure further stipulates that the cost of the item must be more than $50.

For those who might be confused whether their home appliance meets the criteria set out under the law, speaking with Lemon Law attorneys in California can help establish whether you have a claim.

The Mechanics of Filing a Lemon Law Claim in California

If your new appliance seems to be permanently on the fritz, there is a series of steps that you will need to look for and do in order to process your claim.  First, you will want to ensure that your appliance has a permanently affixed serial number.  Typically, this will be a number that is stamped intro the metal in the same manner your vehicle VIN is stamped onto the frame.  Should you have difficulty locating this number, a simple Google inquiry will normally narrow down your options.  Next, you will want to locate your new owner’s manual and closely peruse the manufacturer’s warranty and instruction manual on the appliance.

A Lemon Law Attorney Can Help Win Your Case

When going against a large, organized corporation staffed with attorneys trained in the art of limiting claims against the manufacturer that pays their salaries.  A team of lawyers working on your behalf serves to help level the playing field when dealing with these corporate adversaries.  Experienced in California’s Lemon Laws, and fully conversant with the methods typically employed to help thwart such claims from succeeding.

Lemon law attorneys know the intricate ins and outs of the legal process when it comes to prosecuting Lemon Law claims.  A knowledgeable Lemon Law lawyer is your best defense against attempts to block your legal claim.  Offering equally strong legal representation is your best line of defense when mounting a lemon law claim.

Hiring a competent Lemon Law lawyer to represent your legal interests is a savvy move should you believe that your claim will be delayed, ignored, or denied.  Also, in these types of cases, your attorney’s costs will be covered by the manufacturer should your legal team win, so it makes sense to expect your attorney to apply their extensive body of legal knowledge to win your case.

If you have been the victim of a large home appliance in California, which ends up being a lemon, your best bet is to find a qualified attorney to help press your claim.  Advantages include getting the best possible deal for your broken appliance while having your legal team’s efforts paid by the manufacturer.

Contact the Lemon Law Attorneys in California You Can Trust

If you find yourself in possession of a large household appliance, which cost at least $50, and the item does not operate correctly, you may well have a case under California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.  The law provides for your protection if you unfortunately purchase a lemon when you purchased that last oven range.

Our team here at Neale & Fhima LLP is committed to ensuring that your claim under California’s Lemon Law is honored.  Whether a new vehicle or a new refrigerator, you have rights as a consumer, and getting out from under a lemon related purchase is something that we specialize in here in California.  Call us today and schedule an appointment, so we can begin working on your behalf.

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