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How Instagram Is Most Trending Social App?

There is no doubt that Instagram is the most trending application but the burning is that what makes it the most trending social app? There are many factors can help you know the rise in popularity of Instagram. This application is available for smartphone and users are able to access their account using the web version. This internet-based photo and video sharing application become the trend in a couple of months and it left all other apps miles away. The user is able to get started by signing up and then share media publicly as well as privately. This is the first factor which helped in many ways. There are around 800M users which are using it. The main reasons that helped Instagram to improve the rating and reach on top are many; keep on reading to know each and every one of them.

Instagram Is Most Trending Social App

The Interface: There is nothing more important than the interface of an application because it helps users browse with ease. The simple and easy to use interface is the first thing our list which helped Instagram to reach so high. Instagram is attractive, interactive and follow. This is said that a good UI is always pleasing to eyes and this is same with Instagram.

Earning Fame: Everyone wants to be famous so there is no doubt in t fact however this isn’t easy until you are on right platform. Well, you are able to gain fame with ease because there are millions of users and you need to show your talent. You can gain followers by paying and promoting your talent. As the promotion reaches to the right audience, the promoter gets the best out of it. Comparing Instagram to others, this is easy to glean the idea that this is still the largest platform. There are lots of people who become popular with Instagram and their talent.

Best Marketplace: As per the users of Instagram, this is easy to understand that every company wants to market their product for the visibility as well as sale. This worked well with many companies and they get positive outcomes. Social marketing is the new trend and everyone want to reach aright audience which is possible only and only with Instagram. The promotion works well on Free Instagram Followers and there are many accounts which is all about jokes, meme, and other stuff. These accounts are helpful in promotion with ease because they have lots of audience and they will upload the picture, video as well as share it in stories. This is an effective method.

Instagram Filters: If you are willing to upload a picture but afraid to do it because there are no filters used and you have the raw picture then there is nothing to worry about because the Instagram filters will help out on this issue. You just need to click on upload swipe left or right to choose the right filter. This is simple as well as easy also.  Tap on same filter and fade accordant to need.

Hashtags: As mentioned before, everyone wants to be popular so hashtag is what helps the most. Using the hashtag, a user is able to share the photos and videos with right audience who want to check out these kinds of pictures. There are many hashtags which are extremely used and the most famous ones are #Love, #Instagood, #Me, #TBT and many more.

You can check out the top hundreds which can help in getting more likes and comment. The simplicity is the main reason behind the popularity and those who love to click photos are most active users here. You can find many applications but no one is able to compete against Instagram.


After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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