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Broadening Horizons: The Future of Private Jet Charters

It was once the case that chartering a private jet was the reserve of only the very rich and famous. Recently, however, several companies like Fly Victor have come along and changed the face of the industry. Now, more people are choosing to fly by private jet than ever before, the service has become more affordable and therefore more accessible and here we examine why. So, if you are planning to travel via private jet, researching common questions such as “how much is a private jet?” can help you to plan your next steps.

New Technology

Like in many other sectors, new technology has played a pivotal role in the revolution of the private jet charter industry. You can now easily register private Aircraft with the help of the Bermuda aircraft registry as they are committed to being the registry of choice, based on their efficient procedures, capable and knowledgeable staff, and global presence.

After downloading an app and entering in a few personal details, the user can access thousands of private jet flights to and from airports all over the world.

Future of Private Jet Charters

A New Business Model

In addition to adopting new technology, private jet companies and agents have also adopted a new business model, and this has been part of the reason that flights have become more affordable.

Much like the taxi company Uber, private jet agents now offer up the spare seats on private jets, often at reduced rates. Empty leg journeys are another way that passengers can save money, this is where the aircraft is returning back to base and would normally have no passengers on board.Seats on empty leg journeys can be up to 50% cheaper than a full price seat.

The net result of these changes is that passengers are seeing a reduction in prices and now view private jet travel as a credible alternative to flying business or first class.

The Future of Private Jet Charters

Many new products are beginning to emerge from this newly revived sector, while much of the traditional service remains intact.

For example, flying by private jet is still much more convenient, there is no hanging around in airports, private passengers can be aboard their aircraft in around 20 minutes. Also, with a private flight, there are no stopovers, only direct flights – this is very attractive to those who’s time is precious.

Innovation comes in the form of bespoke packages, many private jet companies are starting to offer tours, where small groups are jetted from place to place over longer periods of time – eight countries in twenty-four days is one such package currently being offered.

The future it seems is one of broadening horizons for the private jet sector and one where it is not only the elite who get to take part.

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