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How does VPN work?

VPN or Virtual Private Network, an extremely common term utilized by many. Do you want to know what it means? Then you are absolutely at the perfect place. It is actually well-secured and a very personalized and private network connection that can be easily set up using the public internet. You can easily protect your personal set of data and also hide your IP Address as well while using the internet publicly. There are reasons to prefer VPN because you can surpass all the barriers of censorship, blocks of content and even restrictions on certain websites. They actually keep the traffic of the internet encrypted and help you to hide your identity. Nobody or rather any third party would not be able to track your usages if you are using VPN. You can obtain paid VPN or even free VPN. Let us check in details.

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Why do people need VPN?

Suppose you own a Wi-Fi network which is not very secure. Now whenever you are browsing or carrying out any transaction you are exposing your information to the unsecured public network which may make you vulnerable and prone to certain problems. That is the point where the utilisation of VPN comes into existence. If you need security and privacy online, just blindly trust VPN for that. In any case you are in a public place and using any unsecured network then your data becomes vulnerable to be accessed by any individual who can access the network. This makes your data open to people and there is invasion of privacy and chances of hacking. VPN provides encryption that can protect you from any vulnerabilities while carrying out any online activities like: Sending Emails, Paying Bills, Online Shopping etc.

How does the VPN actually work?

A data tunnel is created by the VPN between the exit point to the reachable location which may be miles away from your location and your local network and shows you as a person in a different location from where you are actually now. It misguides people about your location and you can easily access multiple applications and websites that may be difficult to access from your location. Encryption is being used by VPN. Encryption is a technique to encode data in an non-understable format so that people cannot figure out what the data means and they become impossible to access. The Encryption is done by VPN when they are transferred over a WiFi network and the data becomes absolutely unreadable. Thus, you start obtaining security even on public networks. Data security is a major concern in today’s world and hence VPN has taken up the responsibility to take care of it in true terms. You can get access to the best free VPN for Windows like: iTop and many more.

There is another thing that VPN does. The ISP or the Internet Service Provider usually bears all the information about the searching history that you have. When you use VPN this history is actually hidden and nobody will be able to know your browsing history. This will happen as the IP Address utilised will be a different one and not the one actually possessed by you. The entire internet activity will remain private and you will be absolutely safe with your data.

VPN is available for multiple Operating systems and supports accordingly. There are VPN for Windows or Mac. While you choose any VPN take care of a few factors like:

  • If they respect your privacy and security or not.
  • If they are utilising the latest protocols or not.
  • If there are any data limits present.
  • The locations of the servers that they provide.
  • What is the cost it has: free or paid? If paid, how much?
  • If the VPN has multi device support?
  • Check the connection speed offered.

So, go and get the best VPN for you. All the best! No fear of privacy disruption now! Happy surfing!

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