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How Does Business Survive During COVID-19 (Must Read!)

COVID-19 has brought the world to a business standstill. Businesses are struggling to keep their functionalities running, their employees safe and their work unaffected by the crisis. It is a tough time for survival of the business, but not impossible.

There are ways in which businesses can ensure that their work continues and their business survives the COVID-19 crisis. With the right technology, effective communication by using 0808 numbers from WeNumber, and workforce support, you can combat the crisis.

How Does Business Survive During COVID-19

Business Survival Guide for COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought an air of apprehensiveness and paranoia within people. This becomes tough for businesses to cope with as a business cannot function without customers. Therefore, in such times, the following tips can come handy:

Communication With Customer

It is important to give answers to the customer’s questions. The crisis is worldwide and the struggles can be understandable. Therefore, be available for your customer’s queries. You can be honest about the challenges and struggles. What is important is that they call, and you answer.

For this, investing in the right kind of communication mode is important. View this article of 0808 number to know why it is a desirable mode of number opting for businesses. These are essentially freephone numbers accessible from mobile and landline.

In crisis like COVID-19, customers having an option to reach out to your business through any mode would help them. You can also view WeNumber’s post to know how easily such numbers can be pursued on its platform.

Remote Working Facilities

Allow your staff to work remotely if their roles allow them so. There are a lot of tips and tricks of remote working that can be incorporated in the business. Regular meetings, technological and human resource support can ensure that work is not hindered.

Regular meetings, reviews and team engagements can be done to make sure that the team feels motivated. It also makes sure that deadlines are set and honoured. 0808 numbers can offer flexibility to customer service staff to function remotely.

Customer Relationship Management

Every business usually has a customer relationship team. It is essentially engaged in communicating with the customers about any changes, new plans, etc. Rooting to relationship establishment through a 0808 number sends out a professional message.

Customers often ignore calls coming from unknown numbers. Calls through 0808 numbers have a professional flair and a business oriented impression. Customers are likely to answer, honour and empathize with relationship calls made from such numbers.

Resource Optimization

The business must get on a resource optimization mode by analysing the resources available at one’s disposal. If there is a way of counter engagement of the resources, that must also be understood and implemented.

Explaining the operational crisis to the employees honestly and transparently will earn business empathy from its core performers. Hence, employees will be willing to contribute their skills.

Cost Cutting and Cost Saving

Any futile cost must be immediately stopped. The crisis calls for only necessary actions. If there are any futile cost centers, they must be stopped. The business must also save costs appropriately.

Indulging in cost saving options like rooting for concessional 0808 number rates from WeNumber is a classic example. The business will have the desired calling structure at the cheapest rates.


For a business to survive the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of effort is required from multiple points. During such crises, business is dependent upon support and trust of the employees, customers and external stakeholders.

Financial stability and customer retention should be the focus of the business. This can be attained through cost efficient mode of operations and communication. View this article of 0808 number and check WeNumber out to dither upon how to strike the above balance.

If communicated of the struggle of the business in the right manner, through the right channel to the customers, internal and external stakeholders, the survival could be easier and achievable.

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