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How Do You Use Keyword Mapping: Four Steps For Everyone

Keyword mapping is the simple process of turning your business name, location, and services into targeted keywords. You cannot complete this process on your own because the map lays everything out there you can see it. Try the four steps to get the best results, and left the steps to guide you to a massive set of keywords you built over time.

Keyword Mapping


You must do a search that tells you how many keywords you must use. The keywords used to market your business must be chosen based on a single query that turns up the most common keywords associated with your industry and service. This list of keywords might find its way into all the things you do, or it might not. You need this large bank of keywords to start because this is where you get all your ideas.

Group Keywords

Group the keywords you have based on the questions they answer. You need keywords to sit in groups that help people find the service you offer, the location of your business, or your industry. You need keywords organized so you can pull one from each category that makes one long keyword or string of keywords.

New URLs

Make new URLs from the keywords you have created, and title content on your site using these keywords. For example, you might want to create a keyword that folds all these words together, or you can make some keywords that fit into articles for later. The purpose of making new URLs is that you get people to find you through searches so that you have more traffic overall.


You must brainstorm with the remaining keywords because there are plenty of things you have not even done yet. You can build a lot of different content, and the website has all these nice URL headers that people are tripping on when they come to your site. You must work really hard to think of something new every day so that you feel so much better about the content you have created. A new URL for the future could be created from the keywords you had left over.


You have to be sure that you have chosen something you are happiest with when building keywords. You need URLs that look good, and you need something that anyone would search online. Your site gets much stronger with more traffic, and you become much more excited to see people coming to your site just because of some keywords you used.

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