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How Did You Like the Gaming World In 2020

Are you excited about what 2020 brought to you as? If you’re a gamer, bet you were waiting for new releases of the favorite series just like cinephiles are waiting for new movies. Here’s a list of most expected games of the upcoming year. Check out this small retrospective and after that leave some comments about your personal most awaited games in 2021!

Before modern entertainment we‘re looking forward to now, we had a great time using consoles. If today’s games are social because of the ability to play online, back, then they were bringing all of your friends and siblings together around the new PlayStation or download Nintendo 64 roms you played years ago.

Cyberpunk 2077

The appearance of Keanu Reeves excited the community crazily. And the developers have filled us with trailers and various news related to the future game. The plot will be about the future, where humanity is a mixture of humans and robots. As the developers promised, this game has everything that it could fit. No wonder the fans were waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to be released all over the world. And after I played it I understood why! Just the best game of 2020.

Cyberpunk 2077

Ghost of Tsushima

How do you feel about the open world of the mid-13th century? You will play for a simple samurai, without any superpowers, magic, and other mysticism, and you will have to fight against the Mongol invaders. What is impressive in the game from the first seconds is the graphics made at the techno-demo level. Based on the trailer, it’s not always clear whether you are watching a movie or playing Ghost of Tsushima because such a high-quality and detailed picture is eye candy. Add to this the open world, well-developed combat systems – and it will come out to be a really great game. It was released at the beginning of 2020 so you’ve already played it I bet .

Dying light 2

Zombies are a constant hot topic now. The obsession in the gaming world started with the classic PlayStation game Resident Evil. After 3 years of development, it was a sensation when the game came out. Every zombie-themed game was somehow influenced by Resident Evil. You can find and download ROMs or exactly this game on RomsPlanet to check what has changed in zombies and related games.

Dying Light 2 promises to be interesting. Here you will find a huge amount of parkour, carefully designed locations, freedom of choice that affects the plot, various puzzles, and most importantly – completely new types of zombies. The third witcher launched a great trend with freedom of choice, but compared to the freedom possibilities of the new Dying Light, it is a completely different story.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo

Adventure thriller, where you have to figure out why local people disappear in Tokyo, simultaneously fighting with various paranormal phenomena. It is already known that mysticism and occultism will be highlighted in the game. And all this will be saturated with philosophical thoughts and ideas, which will intrigue and impress, and most importantly prepare for something new that the entire community has been waiting for so long. The developers have already stated that the game will belong to the horror genre. And they also assure everyone that they created a new genre and that the game, by no means, cannot be called an ordinary horror story. There is no exact information about the release date yet, but it is supposedly the summer or fall of next year. It is also unknown what machines this game will be launched. It was adapted for the new PS5 as far as I know.

Ghost Wire

Twin mirror

The developers from Dontnod entertainment do not stop there and offer us another game filled with a lot of mystical moments with elements of schizophrenia, in a good sense of the term. In the game you will play for a character named Sam, who wakes up in a hotel room, all smeared with blood. You and Sam will have to dig deep into your thoughts to find out the truth. It somehow reminds of a cult 16-bit game Hotline Miami in terms of violent topic and surreal plot. Never heard of it? You should definitely get a free ROM and try the game. Several films, including 2011 Drive, were inspired by the plot and aesthetics of Hotline Miami.

Who knows, maybe Twin mirror will become iconic too.

 Initially, the game was planned to be released this year, but in the end, its release would be postponed a year later, apparently for some technical reasons. Let’s hope that during this time the developers will polish Twin Mirror as a new penny.

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