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How Copy Protection Software Can Prevent Information Leakage and Document Leaks?

In this digital age, a lot of information about your business is available to several authorized users and there is a good chance of them distributing or sharing that content further, either intentionally or unintentionally. The reasons for authorized users doing this intentionally may be complex. For example, some may be unhappy with their pay raises or have missed promotion opportunities, a few of them might need additional money, and some may simply have a grudge against the top boss and are willing to exact revenge. Regardless of the reason, if any of your confidential information or documents get leaked, it could prove disastrous for your organization.

This is why several encryption providers have been in demand for quite some time now. However, one major roadblock of such information protection is that authorized users can play around and do anything with the decrypted content. For example, they can change the document format, send data via email, save the document to a portable device or print content, without any indication of the licensed user who did it. So, by only using encryption techniques, you will not be able to avoid the manipulation of information by the authorized users, irrespective of whether they are within your organization network or outside it.

Copy Protection Software

This is where copy protection software, boosted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) features can prove highly effective and help you avoid the easy use of confidential information, thereby preventing any potential leakage.

Such DRM providers apply controls so that the authorized users have rightful access to the information, while ensuring that the content is not misused in any manner (i.e., not used for unauthorized purposes). The DRM controls would make life really easy for the authorized users if they execute their rights appropriately, while accessing your web content or PDF documents. However, if the users try to manipulate or override the rights, then the controls would make things really difficult for them.

Also, a good DRM vendor will enable you to apply the right set of controls for the users of your content. This is done with the help of copy protection software to safeguard the information and avoid any kind of leakages. This DRM-enabled copy protection tool controls who can view your content and for how long (with an expiry date) as well as what actions they can carry out on it (for example, copying and printing).

A good copy protection tool would also stop any easy ways of capturing your confidential information, such as by avoiding screen grabs or direct downloads of your content. It would even equip you with the ability to revoke a particular document or content at any time, once you realize it has fallen into the wrong hands. In this way, you do not have to worry about safeguarding your key policies, contracts, project documents or eBooks.

We hope that the above information about copy protection software and the ways in which it can avoid information leakage proves helpful to you. Feel free to share your inputs or queries in the comments section below.

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