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How Can You Help Students With Dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia are interested in learning just like ‘normal’ students. The simple fact is that their brains are different. There are successful people with the learning disability called dyslexia. Some of these people are Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Cruise, both actors, just to name a few. Many of us have watched their movies and have no idea that either of them has Dyslexia. And to help such students many schools have come forward that let them learn just like other normal kids. And they need to do is select the school that fits them the best. And if you are curious to know which one, then go here for more info.

 Students With Dyslexia

Teachers need to first be able to recognize the signs of Dyslexia. Actually, these students are some of the brightest in your classroom. Most of them are Language Arts deficit. They do not willingly pick up a book and read. They cannot get the hang of the arrangement of letters when spelling sight words. Every word beginning with the letter [b] would be beautiful no matter how many letters formed the word. 

There are Dyslexia Courses for Teachers. This means that if teachers are aware of these students in their classrooms and seek knowledge; every child in their classrooms will be happy learners. The teachers will simply use learned methods with their Dyslexic students and not let them feel like sore thumbs sticking out for others to ridicule. Such teachers are a plus in a school where every child is important. 

There are many books that parents can read to help their children. Most Dyslexic children have photographic minds so if we show them what is the right spelling of repeatedly telling them what a word is, they will scroll through their file of photos and find the right one when there is a need. 

Many Dyslexic students prefer learning outdoors rather than being imprisoned in a classroom. Take them outside and write words in the sand. Let them feel the formation of words by sliding their finger-tips along sandpaper letters on word cards. The computer is a perfect place to learn as it is a repetitive process that they can photograph and store in their files. I have heard Dyslexic children tell their parents that there is no need to read as the television tells them what they are looking at. Use the television in collaboration with the computer. Run slides of words with pictures and add a voice to tell them what is on the screen. It is important that the material about a topic of interest to them. ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ might not be a topic that they would be interested in so do not be surprised. You might need to upload slides about ‘How to Repair a Car’, ‘How to Make Indian Fries’, ‘Setting up a Video Game’, ‘Setting up a Home Gym’ and other topics of interest to them. 

Another way of getting students with Dyslexia to learn is to have them focus on one activity without distractions. One method is to have each child work within a booth made from cardboard where he or she cannot see the other students and become distracted. 

After a student with Dyslexia has completed a task, he or she can be allowed time in a classroom corner to relax with a game. Some students ask to take a walk outside their classroom just to stretch their legs. This has to be done with supervision. 

Therefore, as there are ways in which we can help students with Dyslexia, teachers do not need to have any fear. Instead, teachers can take the course and learn about the disability and how to recognize it is students. Then they can prepare inclusive classroom with limitless stimulation for such students. They can prepare strategic seating such as armchairs and away from open windows and doors for children with Dyslexia. They can plan fun activities for all children so that children with Dyslexia do not feel exiled.

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