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How An Online Time Clock Software Can Boost Employee Productivity

Boosting employee productivity is something that every business owner wants to do. Still, it can be difficult when you need help figuring out where to start. Luckily, many tools out there today make it much more manageable.

Online Time Clock Software


One of these tools is an online time clock software. According to Buddy Punch and the like, an online time clock software offers various advantages if you know what factors to consider before getting one.

What’s An Online Time Clock

An online time clock is a software-based system that provides an interface for employees to clock in and out of work. Employers may not need to enforce rigid clocking policies or manage clocking equipment with this system. It also eliminates the need for paper timesheets, simplifies payroll, and boosts team member productivity by reducing the number of administrative tasks they have to complete.

Online Time Clock Versus Traditional Time Clock

If you’re wondering how an online time clock differs from a traditional one, there may be two ways to describe it best. It’s in the data storage and security they provide.

A traditional time clock will store data in the device itself. Thus, an employer may need to go to the location to check employees’ attendance physically or may require employees to report to the office for their attendance. In contrast, an online time clock can be accessed from anywhere and allows employers to track their employees’ hours wherever they are.

Another significant difference between these two types of time clocks is that with a standard time clock, employees have to punch in for every shift manually. The downside is they may also punch in for their fellow workers. An online time clock usually involves other technology, such as face and thumb mark recognition, limiting those who can log in and start working.

Advantages Of An Online Time Clock

Team member productivity is one of the most critical aspects of an organization’s success. It supports effective operations and spending strategies of businesses.

There are many tips to increase productivity rates; but the most important step is to know what factors contribute to it. One factor is the need for clear objectives and goals and a sense that their work has meaning or value. Another factor is by providing feedback on their performance – both positive and negative – so they can make adjustments accordingly.

Another critical factor businesses should remember is team member engagement. There’s a good reason for this: engaged employees are more likely to take the initiative, resulting in higher output. An online time clock can support employee engagement for the following reasons.

  1. It Fosters Accountability

An online time clock software can help employees track how they use their time by logging the date, task, and time spent on that task. Employees can then be given a detailed report of where they spend their hours weekly. This report is important to manage their time as a lack of time leads to lower productivity and other work-related issues like fatigue and stress.

With an online time clock, employees can schedule themselves ahead of time. They can set up blocks of working hours, times when they’ll be at work and available to complete tasks. Suppose something pops up during this block that requires immediate attention. In that case, employees can handle it because they have already committed themselves to work during these specific blocks of time.

  1. It Helps Manage Remote Workers

Remote workers can be defined as people who work from their own homes outside of an office. Companies sometimes hire them to boost work productivity and cut down on overhead costs.

Online Time Clock Software

The only problem many companies have with remote workers is it can be harder to manage their working hours than in-office employees. However, with online time clock software, these employees can log in with their email accounts, and the system will automatically track their hours worked in real time. Managers can also access information such as who’s late or taking long lunch breaks. Some even have mobile app integration, which makes logging worked hours easier.

By tracking how employees use their time, managers can see which tasks they are most productive on and make changes to suit their needs better. This can provide evidence-based mentoring from there and help minimize employee turnover rates as well.

  1. Minimizes Time Spent For Processing Payroll

An online time clock software can also minimize the time spent processing payroll. These are for the following reasons.

  • Reduces Payroll Errors

An online time clock has features that can automatically record clocking-in and clocking-out activities without manual intervention. Thus, employees are less likely to forget or accidentally omit their clocking-in/clocking-out activity when using the online time clock software. This minimizes errors on payroll documents such as timesheets, paychecks, and timesheet summaries.

  • Employees Pre-Tick Timesheets Before Offs

This eliminates double recording of clocking-in/clocking-out activities, especially if employees are going on holiday and need to manually submit their timesheets. This feature is usually available as part of some time clock software packages.

In Conclusion

Many employees in today’s workplace are intelligent and tech-savvy. If you’re managing a team and wish to use these qualities to your advantage, consider using online time clock program to help them be more efficient.

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