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How an Entrepreneur Can Launch ICO Event Successfully

The days are gone when any new currency startup can get funding without putting so many efforts. The reason is the overcrowded crypto market. There are more than 4000 altcoins there in the market. It means there are 4000 cryptocurrencies like bitcoin which have their technology or you should they are the firms in which many are established and an equal number is about being eliminated from the market. The simple reason is no funding or low funding which doesn’t meet the requirement of the firm to continue their project. Through this post, we will know how you can launch your ICO successfully to popularize your cryptocurrency. Whether do you need cryptocurrency marketing agency or not in doing so.

Entrepreneur Can Launch ICO Event

What is an ICO?

Before diving deeper let’s understand what ICO does mean. As you know the fact very well that the cryptocurrenciesoverflooded the market. The question arises how they come in existence. Answer of this question is Initial Coin Offering.

This is one form of techniques which is used by many entrepreneurs in today’s era to get the funding for his new blockchain project or application. Most of the investors invest their money in such projects just for getting huge or astounding returns.

Launching process of an ICO and the factors which makes it successful

As everyday technology is getting improved and everyone can use very high-speed internet. Competition in every industry or market is getting tough. Same applies to the cryptocurrencymarket. Besides proficiency in technology launching an ICO needs a lot of research, analysis, and brainstorming. Your excellent new blockchain technology idea requires following things for successful execution.

Problem-solving Idea

This is the first and foremost thing which is essential for launching a successful ICO. You should have data of market which shows how your idea is unique and which type of problem your idea is going to solve. What is new in your new application or project?

You must win the trust of investors through your idea so that they can buy your tokens. Your token is a digital asset and which must show some compatibility in the market. This means through which your buyer/investor can trade something in return of your token.

Smart Contracts

To gain funding make sure that your process includes this step. Smart contracts assure the investor that your blockchain architect is secure in all terms including anti-hacking property and secure protocols.

This also shows that you have a great architect they can rely on. Make sure that you invested a good amount in servers so that your website can handle a lot of traffic without a single nano-second delay in opening the page.


In this overcrowded market, your website is the face of your ICO. An engaging, attractive, modern and responsive website increases the chances of getting funding more naturally. Choose a team of highly experienced website developers and designers to stand out in the market.

Marketing of ICO

At this stage, the real game starts. It doesn’t mean that previous points are just not so important, but this is crucial. This will decide the future of your idea. Make sure that you have a team of professionals which are expert in law, in psychology tactics in marketing and many other things including SEO, ICO listing, maintaining public relations, and Social marketing.

A campaign with a solid marketing strategy is beneficial for getting potential investors for your idea. Listed proficiencies are a name to few. You need multiple strategies in this area so that you can end up with a successful ICO event.


We hope now you know everything about an ICO, and you also got the answer to your question do you need a cryptocurrency marketing agencyor not. Of course, you need it. A New York SEO Agency will be helpful for you.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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